May 172012
  • In an effort to increase Alabama Gulf tourism dollars, the state legislature has mandated a long summer with a late starting date for the upcoming school year.  (The logic of this is dubious, even if it were suddenly somehow more important than children’s education.)  Many school systems’ calendars, including the one with which I planned our fall vacation, have been in place for months.  Alabama, when I can feel Montgomery here, it’s too much.  And I promise you’ll pay at the ballot box.
  • I can’t remember the last time I had an all-you-can-eat buffet (besides a salad bar).  Not my thing anymore.  But they’re still out there, and shouldn’t they make good?  Isn’t this part of the business model—balancing out this guy with little old ladies and such?
  • As I watched a late-model Mustang exit 565 yesterday, I wondered whether cool turn signals, like the sequential ones on this car, made them more likely to be used.  I don’t think anyone’s really doing anything with “motion” like that except this Ford example and Chevrolet with the Corvette, but with the increasingly complex LED arrays that are making up some rear lights, the possibilities are endless.  The thing I still haven’t seen that I think would be neat is using the same lens for turn signals and back-up lights.  The first-generation Ford Fusion would have been a great candidate for this.
  • Breaking into ambulances for pain and anti-anxiety drugs.  Nice.
  • I was thinking I’d go with a reprise of a classic look for my niece’s wedding this weekend.  Lea was not quite so enthusiastic.
  • Did you catch Sylvester Stallone in a painting from 1511?
  • The fourth-best quarterback prospect in the United States has committed to Alabama.  Cooper Bateman chose the Crimson Tide over scholarship offers from Arizona, Arizona State, Arkansas, Auburn, Boise State, BYU, California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Ole Miss, Purdue, UCLA, Utah, Utah State, and Washington.

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