May 302012

Robert Costa takes a look at the possibility this morning.

I still get mail once in a while with Thune’s name on it, because I once sent him a check.  You see, Thune is the South Dakota senator who vanquished the “saddened and disappointed” Tom Daschle—an oxygen thief in a body where it’s rather difficult to distinguish yourself for such.

To be sure, Thune is low-key, but that’s how it’s going to go.  I think part of a best path for the Romney campaign is running against political rock star fatigue, not inviting more of it.  It’s not going to be Nikki Haley or Mike Huckabee, folks.

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  2 Responses to “John Thune for VP?”

  1. And hopefully it won’t be Chris Christie or Allen West, either. As much as I love those two guys, they’re not ready yet. They need more seasoning in their respective current positions.

    That’s what I didn’t like about the Palin pick last time around. We bust on Obama for not having enough experience, and then we pick somebody who has next to no experience. Huh?

  2. Christie is a tad squishy to suit me anyway.

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