Apr 252012

So Rosie O’Donnell took time out of her “busy” schedule to gnaw on Lindsay Lohan, in particular her suitability (or lack thereof) to play Elizabeth Taylor.

Yeah.  What’s Rosie O’Donnell doing again?

Anyway, Lindsay Lohan always gets lumped in with six or seven different young women I can’t keep straight, their common thread being narcissistic and wildly self-destructive misbehavior.  I always kind of pulled for her, though, because unlike most of that mass, she actually has considerable talent.  If she’s got a defiant, I’ll-show-you streak going, as she appears to in her reaction to O’Donnell’s comments, then good luck to her.  I hope she takes it all the way to a sustainable future.

It’s not the truly shocking thing I once suggested she do, but whatever works.

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