Mar 292012
  • We’re not going to get our freeze.  I’m not looking forward to the bugs.
  • I find nothing as reliably exhausting in another person as low self-esteem.  Sometimes I feel bad for thinking that, but most times I don’t.  And then I feel bad for not feeling bad about it.  But I never feel bad enough to make any serious effort not to think it.
  • A little more than a month to The Avengers.  Less than two and a half months to Prometheus.  Seven months to Red Dawn.  If there are any more gotta-see-its for me this year, I can’t remember them.
  • The delta between admission for the four of us and membership at the Tennessee Aquarium is down to $35.  We’re joining.
  • Did you know that many artificial flavors are nearly identical to their natural counterparts, and because of all the testing they undergo and the much lower occurrence of adulterants, may be safer than natural flavors?
  • Speaking of big bad corporations, I think the pink slime hysteria is ridiculous.
  • At this point, I really hope Kiss is never in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.

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  4 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #181”

  1. Dark Knight Rises???

  2. “The Hobbit” is a MUST for me. The next Pixar offering, “Brave,” also looks really good.

  3. Breaking Dawn, part 2?????

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