Mar 012012
  • After two early-season non-events (locally), I think our weather professionals might need to consider a bit more restraint.  I’m apprehensive about that aspect of this spring too, but y’all are quickly going to sound like you’re crying wolf.  Y’all did fine on April 27.  Let’s save the drama for when it’s genuinely indicated.
  • RIP, Davy JonesThank you.
  • I was able to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview on my netbook without trouble, and it runs mostly acceptably.  However, I may be done in by lack of an acceptable video driver.  Windows defaults to 1024 x 768 (and it’s a 1366 x 768 screen), so it’s smushed and fuzzy.  Installing the Acer Windows 7 driver looks great, but the screen periodically goes black (without warning and unrecoverably).  Sigh.
  • I noticed in church last Sunday that I reflexively exhale whenever a nearby adult suddenly leaves the room with a baby.  Heh.
  • Google was already scaryThe more I read, the more I think I really am opting out of Google offerings altogether.
  • Giving up alcohol for Lent has had the somewhat comical effect of making me think of Easter dinner as beer and brats or somesuch.
  • Speaking of tasty things, I tried Marie Sharp’s hot habanero sauce on the enthusiastic recommendation of my net-acquaintance Scott Roberts.  It’s outstanding.  I should have bought two bottles.  I will next time.

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