Mar 232012

A Facebook friend of mine said this has to be fake because no one is this dumb.

My Facebook friend’s faith is misplaced.  Millions of people are this dumb, and she is one.

I was going to say something crass about her finding out about this video being on YouTube, and how long do you think it was before the guy got laid again, but you know, did she even put that together?

Happy Friday.  Enjoy your weekend.

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Mar 222012
  • I’m getting significant allergy relief this week, for whatever reason.  Hope you are too.
  • The boys got spring soccer practice on the same night at the same time in the same place.  The boys had Upward basketball practice on the same night at the same time in the same place.  I shudder to consider how this is eventually going to even out.
  • Lots of Madison police about right now, particularly in the western parts of town.  Y’all be careful.
  • Hey, how about a tattoo that vibrates when you get a call or text?  Nokia just patented it.  (Seems to me there’s a much more obvious application for this, ahem, technology, though we’ll probably have to wait for the patent to expire.  I don’t see Nokia getting into such.)
  • Tim Tebow has become a Jet, and a bunch of people (including Joe Namath) are making a bunch of repetitive nonsensical noise about it.  So now I’ll be a Jets fan, which is uncharted territory.  I’ve never been a New York fan.
  • With a couple of recommendations in hand, I bought and tried some MiO for the first time yesterday.  I have the problem with it I feared I’d have.  It tastes fine; it’s just twice as expensive as the powder packets.
  • Saw my first Chevrolet Volt in the wild this week.  That car takes decent photographs from some angles, but it’s not pretty in the metal.  Its proportions are awkward.
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Mar 202012

Well, it seems that seeking external accountability was a good decision.  I’m back to 270.5—less than six pounds from where I got to before.  I’m feeling much more aggressive than I was the last time I was here, so hopefully that means I’ll keep falling, and start losing new weight in another three weeks or so.


Dudes and dolls, it’s hard enough.  I don’t recommend having to lose the same pounds twice.

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Mar 182012

Here are just a few shots of what Nathan and I saw and did last week at Camp McDowell.  This is our group in St. Christopher’s Canyon, just off Clear Creek:

At Tiller’s Beach:

Paige, our guide on the Tiller’s Beach hike, gives instructions.  All of our guides/counselors were strong As, but Paige was an A+:

Nathan meets a barred owl with Big Dave:

It’s a really beautiful place, and it’s a very well run organization.  I’m looking forward to going back, and I know Nathan is.

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