Feb 262012

Folks, I apologize.  The topic of our esteemed president’s apology to Afghanistan over the inadvertent burning of four Korans—an act for which practitioners of this religion of peace have already murdered 25 people as of this writing—deserves more than dropping a couple of links.  However, a) I’m too pissed off to get anything of sustained substance down; and b) it doesn’t matter anyway.  If you’re a self-hating American, eager to find your country at the heart of all villainy in the world, then you’re a lost cause.

(Do have yourself sterilized if you haven’t already.)

Andrew McCarthy usually gets it right, and he nails it here.  We’ve lost our minds.

And, of course, there’s this.  Thank you and bravo, young lady.

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  4 Responses to “About Obama’s (latest) apology…”

  1. That was the apology that should have been sent.

  2. Mirth, that there are people still starry-eyed over our most wonderfulest president ever, Barack Obama, deeply depresses me if I think about it. He is a complete disaster.

  3. All I know is I’ve been losing serious sleep over this. My brother is scheduled to head into that sh*thole of a country next month.

    There’s no apology in the world that that narcissistic nincompoop can make that can justify the lives lost over this. (The Anointed One, not the lovely and talented young lady in your video clip.)

  4. Kelly, I’ll keep your brother in my prayers. Please know that millions do.

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