Jan 262012
  • It’s raining again.  We have some neighbors to the northwest who have a pond that periodically dries up, but it’s rather impressive right now.  Also, this body of water is back in a big way.
  • There’s a marked (but smooth-top) trooper in a Charger prowling 565 this week.  Also, that unmarked Tahoe is still around.  Finally, Madison Police has a new predominantly black color scheme.  That’s on a new Charger too, which is a departure.  MPD has run Crown Vics and Impalas for the past 25 years.
  • BamaDan and I saw Haywire last night.  That’s a marvelous film.  Solid 8/10.
  • I have perfectly rationalized mooching Wi-Fi without patronage, because lots of times I go to such places and buy things without using the Wi-Fi.  This is the same logic that allows me to guiltlessly use McDonald’s restrooms when traveling without buying anything.
  • Speaking of, I’m delighted to be able to still mooch said Wi-Fi on my netbook.  I grabbed it in a hurry on Tuesday morning, thinking I might blog at lunch.  When I went to get it out, it had hung trying to hibernate, so the hard drive had run continuously for almost four hours while enclosed completely in its bag.  It was so hot I almost couldn’t touch it.  Cooled it off and recharged it, and it’s good to go.
  • I went poking around the Adobe site on another matter, and discovered they’re about to make essentially all of their multimedia and graphic software available for lease at $49.99 a month.  I’ve sometimes considered catching back up on Director and Flash, but the prices have always turned me off.  This is something I’ll consider carefully.  After all, it wouldn’t take much freelance work at all to keep it paid for.
  • Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA is tasty, but at least one area Publix appears to be stocking it instead of Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA.  That won’t do, folks.

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  2 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #172”

  1. HPD was all over the Parkway yesterday during evening rush hour. Saw three folks pulled over in a space of two bridge humps. They need to patrol the Parkway Speedway much more often and visibly … the speeding on the Parkway is so much more dangerous than on I-565 due to it’s design, congestion, and folks that don’t know how to merge properly.

  2. With regards to Flash: I would hesitate to really get back into Flash in any major way. Flash is slowly losing its user-base in exchange for the options now enabled by HTML and Javascript. Android will no longer support it in future releases, so it’s going to completely miss the mobile space. Given how much saturation mobile devices have in our overall web browser community, it’s going to start to trend away from Flash just so sites can have across the board compatibility.

    There are, of course, exception cases. There will probably still be use cases for Flash for quite a while, and these may very well be the arena’s you’re operating in. In that case, it would of course make sense to Flash your mind out.

    Just a note.

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