Dec 242011

I am on the cusp of accomplishing something unprecedented.

As I type at midday on Christmas Eve 2011, I have—this entire season—completely avoided every single annoying Christmas song there is.

I mean completely.  I’ve not heard “Feliz Navidad” once.  Not a single piercingly annoying bar of “Wonderful Christmastime” has sullied my auditory canal.  That stupid hippopotamus song?  Nope.  And any cackle you’ve had at that wacky Grandma having too much eggnog has not been shared with me.

I’ve even avoided the minor irritations.  Seems like there’s some Mariah Carey song with Macaulay Culkin acting a fool in the video I used to hear. “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree?” “Jingle Bell Rock”?  “Santa Baby,” which is good for two listens and then grates forever?  All absent from my Christmas season experience this year.

Are you jealous?

I didn’t set out to do it.  I just noticed about a week ago that it had happened that way.  Looking good to be able to maintain it, too.  Headed to church in a bit, with a budding Christmas Eve dinner tradition to follow, so the rest of today seems safe.  None of our usual Christmas Day activities necessarily include third party-selected soundtrack, either.

I like it.

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Dec 242011

I haven’t been able to process this and put it away, so I guess I should blog about it.

A giant metal lemon fell from the sky into Namibia last month.  It weighs 13 pounds and has a circumference of 3.6 feet, so that’s about the size of a beach ball, right?  It’s hollow, and the alloy is known, though apparently fairly exotic.  No one has stepped forward as its owner.

Paul Ludik, director of Namibia’s National Forensic Science Institute, claims that metallic spheres commonly fall from space in the Southern Hemisphere.


What would this be for?  It’s clearly manufactured.  Look at it and try to imagine a purpose.  Whatcha got?

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Dec 222011
  • Saw Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol last night with BamaDan.  It’s a popcorn movie that is comfortable with its station, and refreshingly devoid of haughtiness.  If you think you’ll enjoy it, you will.  7/10.
  • I find the Facebook timeline intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.  No complaints so far, major or otherwise.
  • So I ordered and received a Lands’ End Squall jacket last week, but the right pocket was missing its zipper pull. I emailed and asked for the part, as I was pretty sure I could install it myself.  I received a prompt and apologetic reply, and “Doris” told me the parts department would have the pull to me in a week or so.  I thanked her and put a key ring on the zipper so I could use it in the meantime.  Instead, today  I received a replacement jacket with a prepaid label to return the old one.  That’s service, dudes and dolls.  Bravo.
  • “I know, right?”  An idiom that becomes as ubiquitous as this almost always bothers me, but I’m mostly all right with this one.  Perhaps it’s because it’s still reasonably grammatical and descriptive?
  • I now have two recommendations in hand for Sweet Lucy bourbon—one from Beth and one from a mutual acquaintance.  Except then I saw Beffy yesterday and she said “apricot infused.”  Uh-oh.  It’s liqueur.  There is almost no chance I won’t find it too sweet.
  • By the way, don’t go Googling for that Sweet Lucy.  I’m pretty sure that’s what I was doing when I picked up some nasty malware of which I’m trying to rid my primary desktop even as I type.  Hey, what are mornings off for if not battling anonymous evil?
  • Even still, I’m unclenching.  I feel myself sliding into Christmas nicely.  I have a couple of pleasant errands with essentially no proximity to retail today, and life is good.
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Dec 202011

Have a few.  Find one on the basis of which you can call me a great American or a horrible SOB, then do so:

  • Did we have this many debates last time?  I’m kind of glad that stage is over.  I’m ready for my dripping contempt of Barack Obama to have a face.
  • The correct response to the loss of the UAV in Iran was taking it out with an airstrike (wow, Dick Cheney was right again!), with 30 minutes of humanitarian notice.  The incorrect response was saying “may we please please please have our little plane back, you mighty mullahs?”
  • I love Condoleezza Rice.  VP?  I’m in.
  • Merry War on Christmas!  Mark Steyn can’t wait to see what those courageous atheists come up with for Ramadan.
  • The eagerness with which we relinquish substantive history because an evil, obnoxious minority dictates its terms to us depresses me.  (A longtime net acquaintance I know to be intelligent has decided that the Confederate battle flag and/or navy jack stands only for seething racism.)
  • You know, I think it’s all the same hand-wringing tongue-cluckers who are so eager to emphasize the word “church” when describing those Westboro Baptist idiots.
  • Night night, you rotten bastard“Ronery” no more, eh?  I’m sure the eighth circle of hell is crowded.
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Dec 192011

The boys helped me start and finish the cards yesterday in exactly two hours, which was fantastic.  Lea is her usual awesome self, handling at least one thing I don’t see for every thing I do.

As for me, dudes and dolls, if it’s not in my sphere of Christmas concern by 7:30 on the morning of December 19, it’s probably not going to get in there.  I apologize in advance for any slights, both perceived and genuine.

Lunch with Carol today.  Movie and pizza with BamaDan on deck later in the week.  Only marginal proximity to retail in each case.  Lea has asked that I take the boys all day Thursday, so we’ll be doing that.  We’ll go have lunch somewhere fun, and I haven’t worked the rest of it out.  (I haven’t watched any of my Christmas movies yet; alas, the boys aren’t even close to old enough for any of them for at least another couple of years.)

Mainly, I’m trying to take my foot off the accelerator a little bit.  It’s a silly time of year, but I’m trying to appreciate that freneticism is still a choice, and I’m trying not to make it.  Join me, won’t you?

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