Dec 262011
  • The boys had a good Christmas morning, I believe, though this is almost certainly Aaron’s last year to believe in Santa Claus.  Nathan, calling on subtlety and understatement I didn’t realize he yet had, did a good job preserving it for Aaron without overselling it.
  • Lea and I got a new couch for Christmas, and exchanged smaller stuff yesterday.  She got me a pillow I probably wouldn’t have paid for that is shaping up to be a great gift.
  • Dad had inch-thick strip steaks and shrimp for Christmas dinner.  Awesome.
  • Even so, I arrested my weight loss backslide in a week that included that, as well as movie popcorn.  Good for me.  Now, full reverse.
  • Church is extra-special on Christmas morning.
  • Nathan got six new video games from various directions yesterday, and yet still found it in himself to get pissed at me when I wouldn’t let him completely deplete his wallet to purchase a seventh today.  (It did please me and mostly redeem the moment when he came back about 15 minutes later and told me I was right.)
  • Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock tastes exactly like a Hershey bar made into a beer.  If that sounds appealing to you, then it’s a slam-dunk.
  • Today I reorganized my battery drawer and charger layout.  I did the dishes.  I’m going to cook tonight.  I don’t see much else productive happening.

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  1. We procured a couch for David this year, also. He’s transforming the bonus room, little by little.

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