Nov 202011

“Sitting in your North Face jacket, checking your Twitter on your iPhone, waiting for your Occupy Buddy to bring back your Starbucks… Stick it to The Man, big guy.” – BamaDan

Who in the Occupy movement has something constructive to say?  Does this person exist?  Is anything uniting these people except the same old tired class warfare (and, in many cases, a near-total dearth of self-awareness, as hilariously described above)?  Oh, and crime (in many cases heinous)?

Early this fall, as Occupy Wall Street got whatever legs it had, I tried not to dismiss them as just a bunch of lazy and ignorant malcontents.  However, as I type in mid-November, the evidence that they are something else is sparse indeed.  If someone is to say something supportable and defensible by reasonable and intelligent people, then please, let him/her speak up now.  (Hint:  “rich people suck” fails.)

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  5 Responses to “Where are the constructive #Occupiers?”

  1. I like it when you talk like that.

  2. Well, thank you ma’am. (blush) I have important responsibilities as an integral part of the alternative media, y’know. 😉

  3. I wish I was better at posting links, but the most cohesive collection of thoughts outlining what the occupiers are “supposed” to be protesting that I’ve come across is by Rolling Stones’ Matt Taibbi. It was from last month. Unfortunately, I suspect that 99% of the protesters don’t realize that these are the reasons they should be upset.

  4. Dave, good to see you, man!

    Yeah, I’m leaning very much toward the view that this is a big bunch of nothing (or at least the same old crap) aided considerably by ridiculously sympathetic mainstream media.

  5. Agreed. If you need the media to tell you why you’re protesting and why you’re upset then you are engaged in a lost cause. Still, though, the article is good and I wish I could find it.

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