Nov 042011

You want a semiannual bitch about Daylight Saving Time?  How about my thoughts on tungsten carbide as a wedding band material?  Want to hear about a personal growth opportunity I experienced in traffic this week?  How about trying to explain what a limerick is to my children this week, and not being able to recite a single one that wasn’t dirty?

Maybe there’s a post up there.  Maybe there isn’t.  If the former, it won’t be tonight.  Wow, this is the second Friday night in recent memory that I’ve merely limped into, spent and stupid.  Sorry folks.  Check back soon.  Thank you for reading

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  3 Responses to “Collapsing into the weekend”

  1. There once was a man from Nantucket…

  2. I guess I’ve missed the previous rants. Are you happy or sad that DST ended??

  3. Terri, I have no preference for daylight time over standard time or vice versa. I just want to stop changing the damned clock. Pick one and stay with it.

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