Nov 282011

I’m an assistant coach for Nathan’s Upward team this year.  We just came back from our first practice of the season.

Honestly, initially I signed up to help, but also significantly because I wanted to ensure that Nathan got this particular coach of whom we think an awful lot.  But it’s also become partially because I’m considering volunteering to be a head coach next year and want to learn.

Now mind, I’m getting more exercise now than I ever have in my adult life, but most of it is walking.  Tonight’s exertion was relatively brief but definitely vigorous, and I didn’t prepare enough for it.  Even now, when I got up from my office chair, there was a slight twinge in the backs of my calves.  It was neither comfortable nor all the way to painful.  I think it’s foreshadowing, though.  I distinctly heard my calves say “ooooh, I’m gonna get you in the morning, you stupid son of a…”  Maybe I’ll put some ibuprofen and a glass of water on my nightstand, take them when I wake up, then snooze for 20 more minutes.

It’s good timing for me to get more active, really.  I’ve not full-on regressed, but part of me has apparently decided he’s just delighted with languishing in the upper 260s instead of going hammer-down and starting the major loss again.  I won’t call it a plateau, because I know why it’s happening.  (Isn’t it a plateau only when you really are doing all of the same things but not losing?)

I was so fortunate to be up only a half-pound at this morning’s weigh-in, when it was a fairly undisciplined four days preceding.  Time to build on that unexpected blessing.

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  2 Responses to “Coach Bo!”

  1. I did that one year…volunteer to be an assistant coach. My daughter was finally old enough to play soccer and I wanted to learn how to coach. I went over to Youth Services and volunteered. It turned out that they didn’t have enough coaches for all the teams and I became the head coach by default. It was a pretty disorganized season but I made sure all the kids had fun. Unfortunately I never had the spare time again to do another coaching gig.

  2. Coaching kids is great fun most of the time. It is the parents that give you most of the trouble. This will be my 11th year to coach my son in baseball. Loved every year. Never tried to coach soccer with my daughter. While I may know a little something about baseball, soccer is not in my bailiwick.

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