Nov 262011

I am well pleased with the final score of the 2011 Iron Bowl.

Alabama’s domination of the line of scrimmage was severe and relentless.  Auburn was never a threat to win the game.  I’d have loved any victory, of course.  But I really love being in a position to pick style nits, like arguing about whether and to what degree Auburn’s touchdowns were gifts.

And oh, my, was that final Trent Richardson run a jewel.

Now, unlike far too many Auburn fans who honk like geese whenever their team manages to claw its way out of mediocrity for a year or two, I’m not much of a rubber-inner.  Superficially, this makes me appear polite.  Except then you learn that I’m not making a big deal of it primarily because I regard it as restoration of the natural order, which might make me one of the biggest jackasses of all.  (I don’t lose much sleep over you thinking that, by the way.)

This evening I have very much enjoyed my Twitter feed filling with #WDE coulda-shoulda-woulda.  (I’m particularly savoring the bloviations of one who is on and on about how Alabama plays dirty, when she sounded ready to have Nick Fairley’s children last year.)

As to whether Alabama should get a rematch against LSU:  ladies and gentlemen, the way it works is the way it works.  Is the BCS authoritative, or not?  If so, we all have to be beholden to it and quit picking at it.  And clearly we’re not, and clearly we haven’t.  Wrote about that before.  Fortunately, “they” are deciding pretty much as we speak how it should go in the future.  I do find it incredibly ironic that all this talk is going around about the voters essentially deciding for or against, when one of the big selling points of the BCS to start with was reducing human subjectivity.

I also think it’s quite clear that this year, there is LSU, Alabama, and everyone else.  Do you put the two best teams in, or not?  If not, what’s your rationale?  Spite?

Wherever Alabama goes, I’ll pull for them mightily.  If it’s not the title game, I shall do so without grousing.  (It does, after all, still remain that had they not lost, there would be no such debate.  More importantly, the terms are known, and those terms have a big human factor.)

Roll Tide, my friends.  Auburn, ‘preciatcha.  What say we do it again next year at our house?

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  4 Responses to “Alabama 42, Auburn 14”

  1. Roll Tide, Bo. I’m with you on the whole BCS thing. If the voters allow us a rematch, I’ll be there pulling for my Tide. If not, then I guess we had our chance. No bitching from me. I’m thrilled to be in the conversation at the end of the season. After enduring the Shula years, our blessings are too bountiful to count.

  2. Jenny, we’ve discussed it before, and you’re right: “in the conversation” is what it’s all about. And we’re absolutely back. Hugs.

  3. Yep, that game went about as expected. After the LSU-Ark game, I was surprised Saban didn’t try to score again to match the LSU score against Auburn.

    Well Bo, your “natural order” BS doesn’t make you a jackass, just out of touch with the true spirit of competition. There is no “natural order” in true competition. You have to EARN it on the field EVERY year. That is what makes it so great. There is ALWAYS next year. Come early August, 2012, they will all be 0-0.

    Think of it as just like the American way. You have to do it yourself. Nobody deserves anything. Nobody is elevated above anybody else just because of who they are.

    Now it just wouldn’t be right for me not to get at least one jab in. Your predictions have been off this year. You missed the LSU-Alabama game by a big margin. But you did have one thing right about Auburn. They never did break .500 this season, even if they do happen to lose their bowl game they will still be over .500 having never dropped below that mark this season.

  4. Cookie Monster, since you’re such a details guy, let me point out that I never said Auburn wouldn’t break .500. I questioned whether they would. Limping into 7-5 indicates it was a thoroughly legitimate question. (And wow, have a look at Auburn’s average margins of victory and defeat. All-time low and high, respectively, for a defending national champion? I wouldn’t be at all surprised.)

    As for “natural order,” it’s about a culture of success. I don’t know how many times I heard today or read this past weekend some variation of “well, Auburn was supposed to lose” from Auburn fans. That’s the difference. Alabama fans expect to win. Alabama fans expect to enjoy 10-win seasons during “rebuilding” years. Alabama fans know they deserve top-quality coaching and administration.

    Auburn fans act like cowed dogs, waiting and expecting to get hit. Even last year, for every one I heard enjoying his team’s championship on its own merits, I heard five more following it up with “what do you think about that, Alabama?” Small. Very, very small.

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