Oct 062011
  • Steve Jobs is dead at 56.  Farewell to that rarest of creatures—a true original.  RIP.
  • I’m finally under 269 lbs., which puts me at a four-year low.  The next major milestone is 238, which is as low as I got on Weight Watchers about eight years ago.  After I get there, every loss would be a new low in the sense that I’d be lighter than at any point since my weight initially rose.  Long way to go, but I’ve come some way too!
  • On that note, I have three nice new shirts that I just barely can’t wear.  That’s a useful ongoing incentive.  I have clothes I can “fall through” pretty much all the way down.
  • I’m not as into Chickenfoot III at the outset as I hoped I’d be.  I hoped the lead single, “Big Foot,” indicated that the band would stay heavy like the first record, but turns out that might be the heaviest track.  Still, it’s well-made stuff.  I’ll give it some time.
  • Did you know that the clock chime you’ve heard all your life is called Westminster Quarters?  Did you know it has lyrics?
  • Alabama is terrifying.  I’m glad Alabama doesn’t have to play Alabama.  I’m almost hoping for just a little bit of slop sometime this month to enable the coaching/practice opportunity such would afford.
  • KISS beer.

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