Oct 122011

Y’all have been hitting an older debate post today, so let me scramble a few thoughts.

I want to think this might be the go-round for Ron Paul.  I want to think his message is resonating.  I want to think he has a realistic shot at the nomination.  I want to be excited about supporting him.  See, though, I thought all of that stuff last time, and he got pasted.  I think I remember that Lea and I were two of 14,000 people in the entire state of Alabama who voted for him in the primary.

I thought Rick Perry would shake things up, and he did make some racket for a couple of weeks.  But do you really think his heart’s in it?  His most lasting impact may be his enabling Michele Bachmann to damage her chances so severely.  Rhetorically, she went much too far—really, flirting with self-parody—with “government needles” and “little innocent 12-year-old girls.”

Newt…sheesh.  Newt’s Newt.  He’s the smartest person in most rooms, but remains much too tarnished by personal static and pomposity to be a credible candidate. (Still pretty much on board with this, which I wrote more than four years ago.)  I hope this is the last time he runs, but I hope we continue to hear from him.

My favorite Herman Cain is surging lately, both on the popularity of his 9-9-9 plan and his Herman Cainness.  (Wow, you just try not to like that guy.)  Alas, his increased support is, of course, only the latest evidence of the seething racism underlying the Republican Party.  (See also its misogyny in running Sarah Palin as a candidate for Vice President.)

I think today, Cain has the best shot of seriously challenging Mitt Romney.  While I’ll certainly take a Romney presidency over four more years of The One (actually, I think I’d take a Hasselhoff presidency over four more years of The One), I’d rather Cain get the nod.  That still feels uphill to me, though.  What do you think?

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  5 Responses to “Republicans, October 2011”

  1. I’m a Cain-iac. (But you knew that.)

    Ron Paul domestically, I don’t have a huge problem with. But insofar as foreign policy is concerned, I agree with his own son, who publicly acknowledged that his dad is suffering from cranialrectitis.

    Bachmann is sinking herself every time she opens her mouth. Perry… I don’t find him particularly likeable, and still find him questionable on immigration. Despite my brother’s best attempts to convince me otherwise, he’s not my candidate. Newt has too many skeletons in his closet. Huntsman’s an Obama mole, IMO, and Santorum – for all I like some of his points – isn’t electable.

    I want to know if Christie’s endorsement is the precursor to a veep slot. I also want to know why the RNC has their heart set on another milquetoast, country-club RINO instead of listening to the electorate. But then, I also want to know what the direct line to Santa’s Workshop is.

    And yes, ultimately I would vote for Mickey F. Mouse before I would allow another four years of the Lightbringer.

  2. Jeff was #3 in AL for Paul.

    “And yes, ultimately I would vote for Mickey F. Mouse before I would allow another four years of the Lightbringer.”

    What she said.

  3. Most certainly uphill because the media will do everything it can to get mitt nominated. They believe he’ll lose to Obama.

    Funny how you mention the popularity of his plans because today a business writer said he had lost the tea party last night. ( I’ll have to find the reference later )

  4. I thought I would like Perry, but he’s really put me off with his smarmy demeanor and his obvious issues with immigration. Starting to warm up to Cain, but I’m not completely there yet. So much of each debate has been devoted to economic policy (and justifiably so), so I need to hear more from him on foreign policy.

    You know how you have to work yourself up sometimes when you know you have to do something unappealing? Like eat brussel sprouts, take nasty cough medicine, or get a cavity filled at the dentist? That’s how I feel about Mitt. I’m steeling myself, but I’ll hold my nose and do it if he’s the guy.

  5. Hm….I’m really not impressed with any of the candidates. I really dislike Rinos like Romney but at least he has some executive experience. I admire what Cain has done in his business life but can we afford another round of OJT in these critical times? I’ll probably vote for whoever is running against Obama. I know we can’t afford another four years of his disastrous (non) leadership.

    Paul Ryan, why won’t you run?

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