Oct 242011

Ever since Oliver went walkabout, we observe him directly every single time we leave the house.  Cats being occasionally secretive and frequently aloof, he doesn’t always cooperate.

But see, I’m not having that awful feeling of him being lost again.  So he must be seen before we depart.

About half the time, he’s around and easily spotted.  When he isn’t, I have been drawing him out with the laser pointer.  He’s conditioned to run into the living room whenever he hears me rooting around in my little wooden box that contains it, so a quick shake and he’s there.

See, though, I have felt vaguely guilty about that.  Because I’m leaving the house when I do it, I don’t have a lot of time to play.  So he runs out expectantly, I say “there you are,” and leave.  Not so good.

But I noticed a couple of weeks ago that Lea shakes the bag of treats, and he responds the same way.  Good deal!  He gets a little nibble, and I’m on my way without guilt.

So I’m last one out this morning, and I shake the Pounce.  He doesn’t come.  I shake it again.  Still.  Ah, he’s trapped in Lea’s closet.  Nope.  Ah, he’s trapped in the dining room.  Nope.  I shake again, this time closer to the boys’ bedrooms, where he usually spends morning time.  Nope.

OK, now I’m remembering that we had the front door open a bit this morning.  Doubleplusungood.

I take one last pass through the house before proceeding into the neighborhood, beginning to think of meetings I’m going to miss and folks I’ll need to call as a result.  And there he is, lounging on Aaron’s bed and looking over his shoulder at me with that “what?” look on his face.  I think he even yawned.

You little asshole.

I’m shaking the laser pointer box forever now.

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Oct 232011

Nathan, Aaron, and I went to the car show in my father’s neighborhood today.  Dad had two cars entered.  Here are the boys posing with Dad’s 1990 ZR-1:

Dad standing between his Corvettes:

Dad’s table for Dubz Thermal Products, his latest venture:

A few of those special sorts of masochists known as “British car owners” showed up:

The 2012 Volkswagen Beetle, which Volkswagen has tried hard to make appeal more to men.  To me, it doesn’t really look like a Volkswagen anymore:

I liked this 1960 Impala because it did a decent impression of casually hanging around as if it were actually the early ’60s:

It was a pleasant, low-key afternoon with Dad and the boys.

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Oct 212011
  • Tired tonight, so you get the first six things that pop in my head.  As always, if you are not satisfied with BoWilliams.com, I will refund your full purchase price.
  • Nathan’s getting his first digital watch and his first pocket knife for his tenth birthday next month.  He’s never been difficult to shop for, but I think he’s headed into at least three or four particularly easy years.
  • Reckon when Alabama-Tennessee and LSU-Auburn were last both expected to be such rotten games?  Reckon when a defending national champion was last a three-touchdown underdog the next year?
  • I’ve had a little bit of throat tickle, a little bit of congestion, and a little bit of sneezing—for three days now.  That’s too long for me to think I’m going to get a full-blown cold.  My guess is that I have a virus that might be 80-85% similar to something I’ve had before.  So, I hope you haven’t been licking my keyboard, steering wheel, and telephone.
  • Been shopping for a new coat.  Twice I’ve gotten bewildered by too many choices and quit.
  • Went to “Porches and Pumpkins” in my dad’s neighborhood tonight (costumes, hayride, chili, and so forth).  The boys had a good time.  Nathan is the Master Chief.  Aaron is a convict.
  • I still don’t have an iPhone.  I did get a cheapie Android phone recently, mostly because my Windows 6 phone wasn’t an effective web tool anymore.  It’s okay.
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Oct 202011
  • Don’t you love that momentary burning dust smell when you turn the heat on for the first time in the season?
  • Last night I met this Rocket City Blogger, and this one, and this one, and this one.  I enjoyed everyone’s company, though I wonder whether I’m polite enough for this crowd.
  • It was also my first visit to Panera Bread, which I could take or leave.  I miss The Mill.  Had no idea how wrecked I was for a soup and sandwich place until it was gone.
  • Turning your grizzly bears and tigers loose in the community before offing yourself is a really assholish thing to do.
  • Nathan’s maddeningly prudish guppies have finally seen fit to reproduce.  I can reliably count 20 fry, which likely means there are half again that many or so.  The floating water sprite is thick, so survival chances are excellent.
  • The Pulp Fiction Blu-ray is outstanding.  I’m delighted to finally have this insanely entertaining movie in high definition.
  • Sadly, the Listeria outbreak in cantaloupe is now the deadliest food supply disruption of this sort in U.S. history.
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