Oct 072011

They’re from many different spheres of life, but they have one thing in common:  a devotion to a truly decent society, not one undermined by corporate greed at every turn.  What started as Occupy Wall Street in New York City has spread to other communities.  The demonstrations have been known to attract several dozen participants.

Superficially, the Occupy Wall Street movement appears to be composed of people united by noble desires, and people who are demonstrating (mostly) peacefully to those ends (to the extent that such ends are articulable).  Yet some have begun to openly question the motives of the people assembling in these gatherings, and the extent to which they may be misrepresenting their true intentions.  Eventually, the uncomfortable question must be asked:

Are the Occupy Wall Street protestors fueled by pedophilia?

You don’t see it on their signs, or hear it in their rhetoric.  There are also no apparent associations with known groups or people advocating such.  Nevertheless, the undercurrent may be unmistakable.  Perhaps most tellingly, no one claiming association with the Occupy Wall Street movement has officially denied an association with pedophilia.

So what do we have here?  Americans (mostly) peaceably exercising their freedoms of assembly and speech?  Or an insidious and demented sociocultural cancer?

Frighteningly, no one seems to know for sure.

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  5 Responses to “Is the Occupy Wall Street movement fueled by pedophilia?”

  1. Guess I should have read this before posting the pic of Grover getting arrested at #OccupySesameStreet

  2. Hahahaha! That’s great.
    Jeff has a friend that, bless his heart, is a rampaging liberal. He has LONG since de-friended me on Facebook (go figure) but still has Jeff. Believe it or not, Jeff is actually less asshole-ish about politics than I am. Anyway, this guy…let’s call him Jay Worrall…posted on his FB that he had gone to a website and ordered two pizzas to be sent to the Wall Street protestors.
    Jeff asked him if there was a website to donate pepper spray and billy-clubs to the police…the guy (let’s still call him Jay Worrall) didn’t de-friend him, but I do think he deleted Jeff’s comment.

  3. so it is obvious to you dolls that I was going for a “if the Tea Party is racist, then the Occupy Wall Street movement is a bunch of pedophiles” thing here?

  4. Yeah, I got that, despite how subtle you were being. 🙂

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