Oct 012011

KissOnline.com reports that Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed will marry today.  Congratulations!

It sometimes surprises people when they find out that I don’t watch Family Jewels.  Ozzy’s show kind of set my feelings about such.  I liked when I had my favorite rock stars’ personal lives “to myself.”  Updates tended to be more genuine, and much less frequent.  I’m not such a fan of the sustained spectacle, and the implicit attitude that everything must be such.  I mean, an old man in a bathrobe eating a bowl of cereal is an old man in a bathrobe eating a bowl of cereal, right?

But Shannon’s been around for most of 30 years, so she’s definitely a long part of KISStory.  I never thought Gene would do this, but now that he is, perhaps it’s an opportunity for an already mostly smart guy to get even smarter.  Good luck!

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