Oct 262011

Impromptuest of impromptu lunches with Saintseester.  We tried Lime Fresh Mexican Grill.  Initial impression:  mostly, I felt old.  The music was really loud; the hostess/greeter-type was too young to be dancing that way.

Damned kids nowadays.

I had the Cabo cobb salad, and she had a steak taco and a bowl of black bean soup.  It was all competently prepared, but quite bland, and certainly not a good choice for the budget-conscious.  For this fare, it’s Moe’s next time; for Bridge Street, it’s…I don’t know, just somewhere else.

‘Seester didn’t have the shoes to walk—like I said, we didn’t plan this—so I’m just enjoying this sapphiric day from the Technical Writing Express, waiting for a meeting to start.  I was about to call it tranquil, but then there was a distant jake-braking.

Hope your Wednesday is going to suit.

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  5 Responses to “From the hump of the hump”

  1. There y’all go again….. 🙁

  2. Terri, I’m sorry. The plan was literally 20 minutes old when it was executed. Could you have made it? Is your schedule normally tolerant of such?

  3. Oh, it varies. My main obstacle would usually be pre-scheduled lab time at SED, but we’re kind of slow right now. And I also bring my lunch 99.9% of the time and am usually warming it up or whatever I need to do to it around 11:15-11:30. So, if notice comes in prior to about 11:00 I’d probably be good to go – and it would need to come to my work email since I can’t have my phone where I sit and I don’t check personal email much during the day! 🙂 But other than that…..

  4. I think we need to go for a 3-margarita lunch somewhere. Or the poboy factory. I’m itching for skrimpies!

  5. Plus, Bo is right over my head upstairs. He flits down and says, let’s roll. I never know when. But, then I never bring my lunch. Except for Monday, I might bring something this Monday.

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