Sep 272011

The winner of the Alabama-LSU game, slated for Saturday, November 5, need complete only a few victory laps—the remainder of the schedule, the SEC championship game against whatever hapless sacrifice the East sends, and the national title game against whatever sacrifice SOC sends—to add another crystal football to its case.

Or so the overwhelmingly leading narrative goes.

To be fair, it is difficult to quibble with current positive assessments of these squads.  LSU has terrific speed and size, and (at least for the moment) appears to be devoid of that trademark Milesesque erraticism.  Alabama may have its most complete team of the Saban era yet, and wow, are they hitting hard on defense.  We may in fact be headed for a game of uncommon consequence; the match of the year.

But it’s a way out there, folks.  There are things like fatigue and possible injury to consider.  And—oh yeah—those pesky other opponents between now and then.  Don’t misunderstand me.  I’m excited about it too, and I’m delighted with my Tide so far.  Let’s just enjoy it all, okay?  This is by far my favorite sports season, but it’s also by far the shortest one.  Let’s not wish it away.  Looking around:

  • Can you ever remember a deader man walkin’ in September than Houston Nutt in 2011?
  • I kind of hope Richt hangs on at Georgia, just because I like him.  It’s tough to quibble much with Bulldog fans’ complaints, though.  I think he has to win the division to keep his job.
  • Looking forward to Alabama at Florida.  I really don’t know what to make of the Gators.  That’s why they play the games!
  • It looks very much as if Auburn cannot reasonably expect to win any of its next four games.  Their defense is so bad, it’s difficult to write even a plausible upset scenario.  Consider they have not faced a high-power offense yet.
  • Is Vandy headed back to a bowl in James Franklin’s first year?  It certainly looks doable from here.

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  5 Responses to “What I know about SEC football this week”

  1. 1) No. Kinda surprised he wasn’t let go on Sunday. He is putting an absolute abomination on the field every single week.
    2) Richt needs to go, regardless of how this season ends for UGA. He has squandered way too much talent in the last few years.
    3) Gators are loaded with offensive talent, but geared for the spread-option scheme that they’re not actually running anymore. I think our defense will do well against their small, speedy backs and receivers. Their defense seems solid but hasn’t been tested. A low-scoring affair wouldn’t surprise me at all.
    4) Alabama’s October is going to be *much* kinder than Auburn’s. What a gauntlet those guys have to run. Hate it for ’em.
    5) Wouldn’t that be something?

  2. An ex Alabama O-Line player I know predicted an LSU – Alabama final score of 14-7, all defensive touchdowns. (He did not predict who had the 14 and who had the 7.) I hope both teams are still undefeated when they play. That will make one heck of a game and not allow anybody to play spoiler. I just wish it was in BR and not T-Town.

  3. Cookie Monster, I know you’re delighted that Mr. Miles hasn’t been that guy so far. Maybe he’ll show up! 🙂

  4. Greg, we’ll see. I don’t think that guy’s around yet. Of course, if he is to appear, it will make it all the more comical. 🙂

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