Sep 162011

My sons are seven and almost ten, and they each have and wear a wristwatch.  Aaron just got his; Nathan’s had one since he was Aaron’s current age.

This is rather unusual for their generation.  As I’ve said before, the wristwatch is well on its way to full-blown affectation, as opposed to necessary device.  No mystery why they want them, though.  They’ve grown up seeing me enjoy wristwatches tremendously, and one of their favorite fidgets when we’re sitting together has been to spin the bezel or push the buttons on my watch.  Aaron still does that once in a while, actually.

They’re inexpensive analog watches.  Nathan has a Timex; Aaron, a Casio.  They’re analog, because I require one-second read-off ability on a watch with a real dial before a digital is allowed.  (Daddy’s so mean.)  Nate’s pretty much there.  I’m thinking a digital watch might be a good birthday present.

So Aaron returned from taking a bath a few nights ago and asked me to help him put his watch back on.  (You learn quickly—really in only four or five attempts—but you do have to learn to buckle a wristwatch to your wrist efficiently.  It’s easy for an adult to forget that.)  I sat up to help him and said “buddy, do you really want to wear your watch to bed?”  He hesitated, then looked at me and said “well, isn’t that what you do?”

I’ve so enjoyed that all week, but it’s heavy too.  It delights and terrifies me how much they try to emulate me right now.  Oh, I know it’ll fall off with adolescence, and whatever comes back in adulthood will be different.  But for now—for this moment—wow.  What a poignant reminder.  What better reinforcement could I possibly have for the lifestyle changes I’m practicing to make stick?  For loving their mother the best that I can?  For staying engaged and healthy in my relationship with Christ?

God, please help me make sure they’re getting the best I have.  Thank you.

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  4 Responses to “Lessons from a little boy’s wristwatch”

  1. Fantastic post, Bo. Thanks for that.

  2. Great post, Bo. Great reminder. Thanks.

  3. Thanks, all! Wrote itself, really.

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