Aug 172011

“Don’t stop, believin’…hold onto that feelin’…”

Oh, wait.  That’s Texas governor Rick Perry who has recently entered the presidential race.  Of course, he’s a racist.  Let’s get that out of the way.  Just ask MSNBC’s Ed Schultz.

So I guess we’re set with this field now, except for She Who Shall Not Be Named.  Really, though, she won’t get in anyway at this point.  She’s a conservative Christian woman, and we already have one of those.  How could two seek the presidency?  What a ridiculous notion.  Who do these cun…uh, women think they are?

I’ve not yet spent a lot of time here on the GOP candidates.  Right now, for the most part, they’re taking all of the easy shots at our esteemed sitting president as their primary MOs.  While that’s occasionally produced an entertaining sound bite, it’s hardly revelatory rhetoric.  (In case you’ve not noticed, picking on this disastrous administration is not particularly challenging.  After all, The One has a record he must run on now.)

So what am I making of them right now?  Ron Paul is, again, the guy I’d most like to be president.  But he will, again, ride impeccably constitutional principles into the drink.  I had high hopes for the Cain candidacy, but I think it needed to be buzzing more by this point.  If he’s going to catch fire, I think he’d be hotter by now.  Still, I’ll leave my link up for a while longer.

Mainly, we need these folks to start answering some tough questions.  Michael Tanner has some good ones this morning.  Of course, it’s in all of the candidates’ perceived interests to avoid granting bases for elimination for as long as possible—but keep in mind, we’re still a full 15 months out from Election Day, and six from the first significant voting.  That’s a long time to say “Barack Obama sucks, and I don’t!”

Candidates, commence genuinely distinguishing yourselves at once.

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  2 Responses to “Perry enters presidential race”

  1. I liked Cain early out but then I heard him in a couple of interviews and I became less enthused. Right now I’m hoping Paul Ryan will enter the race. I also like Christie and she who shall not be named. Of course none of them are running yet. Of the current pack I guess I like Bachmann but I’m not sure she’s capable of knocking the O off his pedestal.

  2. Cain’s not going to get there. The best thing in the world he could have done for himself is compose and publish a well-researched and detailed position on some foreign policy issue. But these damned candidates somehow manage to avoid my genius advice…

    I could get excited about Paul Ryan myself.

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