Aug 132011

I found this photograph last weekend going through some things.  This is hardly the most valuable car Dad let get away, but this is the one he says he regrets selling the most.  This is a 1979 Corvette L-82, black with white interior.  It had most of what you could put on one except front and rear spoilers, but I actually think the car looks cleaner without them.

I was 13 or 14 when he sold it.  For pure curb appeal, I think it’s the sharpest car Dad ever owned.

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  3 Responses to “Dad’s ’79 Corvette”

  1. You had to have been older than that when he sold this one because this is the one Kristi Hurst and I used to drive in Heatherwood after dinner. (I was 15)

  2. I didn’t have any memory of this car after we left Anniston, so I checked with Dad, and that’s correct. He sold this car in 1984. The ’79 had been gone most of two years when we moved to Madison. Dad had the ’84 when we moved. Maybe that’s the car you remember driving with Kristi.

  3. No, I am sure it wasnt the ’84 vette because I only drove it once. I turned 16 and he sold it and bought the boat. 🙁 I am sure it was a black curvy fender corvette. Wonder which one it was, if it want this one.

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