Jul 262011

Earth Fare opened in the old Circuit City location a bit more than a year ago.  Never been before today, but I heard they had bison steaks, so I wanted to check it out.  Saintseester, Terri, and I all went together, for three times the laughs.

So this is the story of the three knuckle-dragging conservative rubes descending upon the natural foods grocer.

Earth Fare has a cafe area up front, with sandwiches and stuff, as well as a large salad bar.  Salad is $7.99/lb., which may sound a little high, but remember it’s all super-duper produce, without steroids and with no little kids picking it for fifteen cents a day and stuff.  Plus, despite my initial fears, everyone sitting near us seemed to have bathed recently.  So that was a nice bonus.

After we ate, we went exploring (and I’m delighted to report, no one tapped us on the shoulder and whispered “I really think it’d be better if you three left.”).  Here’s Terri checking out the wine.  Conservatives are lushes:

Well, maybe libs are lushes too.  Here’s a box of red wine Saintseester found that you’re apparently supposed to drink daily:

Bison New York strips on the right.  Definitely only an occasional treat, at $18.99/lb.:

Terri and ‘seester trying to make some sense of the spices:

This was an unfortunate bit of RAAAAAAcism we found:

Luckily, this cleansing diversity wasn’t far:

Want some truffle salt?  Only $25.99 for the 3.5-oz. tin:

My normally delightful companions wondered aloud about the possibility of making a paste of this:

And smearing it on this, for an all-natural Rogaine:

Mmmm, quinoa.

I’ll go back.  See you soon, Earth Fare.  I want grilled bison NY strip in the near future.

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  14 Responses to “Three right-wing nut jobs go to Earth Fare”

  1. I’m a huge bison fan, but $19/lb? Yikes. I think I’ll stick with the $8/lb ground bison, which makes an excellent burger with a little Tony Chachere’s rubbed on top. Oh, and some pepper jack cheese.

  2. This was fuckin’ hilarious. I’m so glad I had the forethought to apply my formaldehyde and toluene free nail polish last night.

    I am holding a box of wine and a bag of cookies; that pretty much sums up my week.

  3. Paul, they had ground too. I want to say it was about that–$8/lb. Your burger recipe sounds good.

    The bison strips are definitely high, but you can’t get them shipped much cheaper than that either. It’s more or less double decent beef. The couple of times we’ve bought and prepared them have been heavenly. It’s just another plane of steak.

  4. ‘seester, I had a good time–with you guys and writing the post! Glad you did too. We’ll go back. Think I’ll go with a sandwich next time.

  5. Hah nice, gonna have to give those bison steaks a try someday myself. Nice change of pace from the boring aisles at Publix or Kroger.

  6. We should have bison steaks at Terri’s salt-tasting party, right?

  7. LOL! Y’all are too funny! I have to get my gumption up to enter EF…I found it a tad bit overwhelming and intimidating for my simple mind. 😉 They’ve got sooo much stuff crammed into such a ‘relatively’ small space.

    BTW – Did ya notice that there’s a Guitar Center going in next door? Hubby and son are beside themselves with anticipation of the GRAND OPENING!

  8. …can’t take y’all ANYWHERE…

    I’m so glad I know fun people to live vicariously through.

  9. Okay, Saintseester…before I read ANY of these comments…when I was just reading through Bo’s post…my first thought when glancing at the pictures was “Awesome fingernail polish.”

  10. And Buzzregog…you are obviously spoiled. I would trample kittens to get to a Publix. My choices in Oxford are WinnDixie or Walmart.

  11. I had a blast! Thanks for the blog post and the shout out, Bo! You forgot to mention that I thought for sure we’d get booted when I asked if you thought they had any “Two If By Tea” when we were trying to pick our liquid refreshment.

    Can’t wait for our Olive Oil Tasting and our Sea Salt Extravaganza. Know any libs we can invite?

  12. My sil thrives on this natural food craze. She has a ready supply of truffle salt too. It does nothing for me, personally, but I imagine if you spend $25 on a tin of salt you must think you’re getting something out of it?

  13. Buzzregog, I do dig Publix most of the time.

    AZn8tive, ‘seester did notice that!

    Kemtee, a reliable liberal enclave is a source of joy. 🙂

    Marianne, no argument. I love Publix. It is my kind of store. They have a business model that scratches my back and punches my buttons.

    Terri, I had it in there, but it didn’t survive the edit. It required too much explanation. (I know it’s hard to believe, and it would be a better world were it not so, but not everyone listens to Rush Limbaugh.)

    Susan, the power of expenditure-induced rationalization is formidable indeed.

  14. What? Not everyone listens to Rush? Get OUT!

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