Jun 232011
  • Tony Kanaan was in excellent position to win at the Milwaukee Mile last weekend.  Alas, running second, he pushed just a little too hard and spun himself into the wall with 30 laps to go.  Get ’em at Iowa Saturday night, TK!
  • We gave Famous Joe’s in Madison a shot on Tuesday night.  There are appealingly specialized pizzas available, as well as a decent draft beer selection.  I think I enjoy Village Pizza a bit more, but Famous Joe’s definitely has a geographical advantage.  Ask to sit in Molly’s section; she was top-notch.  (And Famous Joe’s, it’s 2011.  Do you seriously not have a web page?)
  • The Alien Blu-ray is good.  The Aliens Blu-ray is excellent.  Still spectacular films, both.
  • I first drove a BMW 5-series in 1993, and I’ve never forgotten what a presence that car had.  It was crisp, authoritative; dismissive of distraction.  I loved it.  It was like driving a machete, and it looked the part.  I got my first close look at a current-generation example last week, and I’m pleased to report that the stylistic missteps of the past several years are now vanquished.
  • More people I know (and believe in) are ending their marriage.  Still punches me in the stomach every time I hear about it.  May I never be desensitized to such.
  • A tenth-anniversary Halo is coming out (this time for the Xbox 360, of course) this November 15.  I’m playing back through the campaign on Heroic difficulty in anticipation/preparation.  Halo 4 follows about a year later.
  • I got to point out a tiger bee fly to my boys last weekend.  It was resting on the side of Staples.

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  2 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #142”

  1. Re: marriages breaking up, I know what you mean. It seems like I have more friends who are now divorced (and in a lot of cases, remarried) than are still with their original spouse. I’d like to claim that my husband and I have done something “different” to have stayed happily married for 14+ years, but maybe it’s just plain luck. There but for the grace of God …, you know? Either way, I feel grateful and blessed.

  2. Jenny, you and I must have gotten married around the same time. We’re into our 15th year ourselves. 5/10/97 here.

    I’ve mentioned before on this blog that I had hoped our generation would arrest the divorce rate and perhaps even back it up a bit. I thought this possible because our parents were really the first generation who divorced without significant societal stigma, so more of them happened, so more children experienced it, so said children might try harder to avoid inflicting it on their children.

    Alas, no. No single thing has disappointed me more about adulthood in general than that.

    Luck may be a factor from time to time, but I discount it as a primary factor. Assuming you’ve done the best you can up front–similar values, similar goals, and so forth–I think the single most important factor, year after year, is mutual absence of perceived alternatives. I may have a different answer in a few more years, because it’s definitely a journey of learning, but that’s my best answer so far.

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