May 102011

If you’re not yet past the dangerous fantasy that the radical elements in Islam are rather like the radical elements of any other world religion, I invite you to read this morning’s piece by Michael Knox Beran.  The piece is different because rather than once again tiredly “proving” the obvious to a determinedly closed-minded sociocultural elite, it speaks of the environment in which such radical elements are effectively mainstreamed, even (especially?) without explicit sanction.

Consider the crushing irony that, by far, the country most hospitable to the practices of any religion, including Islam, is the infidel United States.  Isn’t it disappointing that Islam seems to view American values of liberty as only exploitable, rather than spreadable?

There is a difference between order and oppression; between discipline and intolerance.  Over huge swaths of Islam, those lines are blurred or absent.

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  2 Responses to ““What Islamic leader today is preaching sweetness and light?””

  1. Which is why I keep harping on the point that there is no moral equivalency argument possible for those who try to equate Islam with Christianity.

  2. Kemtee, you have been persuasive with me when it comes to said equivalence (or lack thereof). I appreciate that.

    Political correctness has this issue so effectively hijacked, you just about can’t talk about it unless it is to claim such equivalence (or worse, go on and on about the “religion of peace”). (Don’t think they don’t love that, either.) I wouldn’t have thought this climate possible only ten years after 9/11.

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