May 022011

Here’s a good video and still montage someone has put together of some of the worst damage in Limestone County from last Wednesday’s horrendous thunderstorms and tornadoes.

You can get looks at my friend BamaDan’s subdivision starting about 5:08 and about 8:08.  I’m glad they’re wide shots, too, because you really need the panorama to appreciate the scale of the destruction.

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  3 Responses to “Video of April 27 storm damage in Limestone County”

  1. Look at 5:17 for, in my view, the shot that best conveys what you encounter when you drive up over the little rise headed west on Capshaw, just before you get to the Tremont subdivision itself. Imagine that destroyed tree line, debris, and battered remains of houses as far as you can see, no matter which direction you look. It takes your breath.

    There are wider shots of the area later in the video, but the resolution isn’t as good.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I’m still shaken by last Wednesday’s weather and hope to post on it in the next few days.

    So happy to know that you, Lea and the boys are all safe!

  3. AZn8tive, thank you, and I’m delighted to see you posting as well! Hug ’em all tight. Sheesh, they’re so precious…and fragile. Our boys are in the other room playing Castle Crashers with the boys of our friends who lost their house, and they’re being very loud, and the sound is absolutely glorious.

    We’re all still shaken. We’ve earned that, though. The outbreak and resulting destruction is historic.

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