May 272011

The Incredible Shrinking Woman was one of my childhood favorites.  I remember watching it with my parents and my friend Jason who was over spending the night, less than a year before my parents divorced.  Loved Lily Tomlin my whole life.  It’s screwball enough for a kid to enjoy it.  As an adult, the satire clocks you in the melon.

It’s been awfully tough to find, frankly.  It didn’t make it to DVD for years and years, and now it finally has, but as an excessively-priced exclusive.  Fortunately, it’s on streaming Netflix right now.  I checked it parentally earlier this week, and now the boys and I are enjoying it together as I type.

Check it out sometime, if you can—as a window into the early ’80s, as a clever assault on consumerism and gender stereotypes, or just as a goofy 88 minutes.  It works well as each.

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