May 312011

Frankly, I was going to let this go, but that was before this marvelous exchange (and do watch; after all, you don’t see a U.S. Representative calling someone a jackass every day).

When an arrogant, self-absorbed liberal hangs himself, you can count on me to point and laugh.

With relish.

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  4 Responses to “Piling on Weiner”

  1. Did I really hear one reporter ask why he followed so many females? Really?

    But, on the other hand, why didn’t he just make a statement and say, “I’m done,” instead of getting into this kindergarten argument?

  2. ‘seester, I’m not sure. It’s fascinating to watch, really. I think maybe a person like this becomes accustomed to a fawning, sycophantic media and can’t properly process it when they turn on him (and, you know, actually do their jobs).

  3. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. What a dillbag.

    Now if only something similar would happen to Bill Maher…

  4. Weiner, wiener… it’s all the same to me. Either way, he’s a d*ck.

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