May 222011

Herman Cain announced yesterday that he is a candidate for President of the United States.

I am not a perfect policy match with him, but then I’m not a perfect policy match with anyone but me, and I don’t want the job.

I do know that I’m ready to have a president who knows where a dollar comes from (indeed, what a dollar is).  I’m ready to have a president whose default position toward his own country is not one of meek contrition.  I’m ready to have a president who believes that the United States is the greatest country the world has ever known.  On all of these counts, Mr. Cain fills me with confidence.

I also believe he will make policy on the premise that our government must provide us opportunity for success, not attempt to provide the success itself.

At this point politically, I believe that an establishment Republican reelects Obama fairly easily, and that Cain is the most electable of the plausible candidates who do not fit the mold of an establishment Republican.

Time will tell how much that impression of mine holds up, but I did just write him a small check.

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  11 Responses to “Herman Cain is in”

  1. I like some of the things I hear from Cain and I think he’d certainly do a better job than Obama….but I’m still holding out for the NJ Gov.

  2. Outstanding resume, and a skilled communicator. Needs a bit of foreign policy homework. Hope he’s doing that.

    I don’t think Christie’s in this time.

  3. My fave at this point.

    As much as I’d love to see Christie run, he’s not ready yet, and he’ll be the first to admit it (which makes me love him even more).

    Depending on how things pan out, 2016 could be really interesting. We could see Christie, Allen West, maybe Bobby Jindal, maybe Paul Ryan, make runs for that election. I’d have a tough time picking a favorite from that bunch.

  4. Oh, Falcon, surely you mean 2020. For there to be a pack of Republicans seeking the nomination in 2016, The One would have to have been reelected. Please, no.

  5. Jindal will never make the cut because of things in his past that the media will hitch a rocket to and blast off with

  6. What’s an exorcism among friends?

  7. Intellectual curiosity is okay. Spiritual curiosity is not. At least in Amerika.

  8. What sort of things in Jindal’s past, ‘Seester?

  9. The big glaring item is the exorcism he attended. While that plays out fine among eccentric Louisiana republicans, I am not too sure the national media won’t have a freakin’ heyday with it. When I first read about it years ago, people were raking him over the coals about it, even though he said he was curious about that aspect of Catholicism and wanted to observe one (around the time he converted).

  10. No friend of the Federal Reserve is a friend of mine.

  11. Greg, I hear you, and sympathize – perhaps more than you know – but Ron Paul can’t win. Is there any room in your world view for (better than, worse than)?

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