Mar 312011
  • A question for my fellow bloggers:  anyone else seeing unusual increases in traffic from Romania this week?  It appears legitimate—different IPs, reasonable distribution throughout the day, and so forth—but that’s pretty odd, don’t you think?  Monday was the biggest day, and it’s been falling off since.
  • I’ve seen a little rationalization and a lot of outright dismissal over this.  There may be something to this and there may not, but I’m glad it’s not my team.
  • David E. Davis Jr. has died at 80.  He hadn’t been back at Car and Driver for very long, but it seems fitting that he was there when he passed.  Definitely a tad pompous, but a talented, pioneering, and engaging journalist.  I’ll miss him.  RIP.
  • Tiger Woods is even getting fired from innocuous economics examples in textbooks.  Poor guy.  Don’t you people realize he has a disease?
  • Met Saintseester at Sun Cafe earlier this week.  I thought it would be Asian fast-foody like Mama Fu’s, but it was considerably nicer inside than I expected.  The sushi was good, too.
  • Is this Calvin Klein billboard secretly cursing at you?  Hey, what ever happened to the guy who found the word SEX all over Ritz crackers?
  • So I just started putting “sex on Ritz crackers” into Google, and the auto-complete guessed “sex on Ritalin.”
  • Best pictures of Mercury ever.  Cool stuff.

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  2 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #131”

  1. I had to work pretty hard to see the curse word in the billboard, and that was WITH the explanation. So, how about this. I’d just prefer the billboards not to have half-naked people on them. I don’t care what they say.

    The cash to players stuff is disturbing. Perhaps its my curse. Some pretty serious mob cash was going on at my 1st alma-mater in new orleans. Point shaving, in fact, to help the gambling bosses beat the line. Shoeboxes of cash, cocaine, the works. That was 1985.

  2. I’d like a shoebox of cash.

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