Mar 242011
  • Elizabeth Taylor, for many a legitimate contender for most beautiful woman in the world, has died at 79.  RIP.
  • Pat emailed me the day before yesterday to tell me that s/he had successfully replaced the light bulb in his/her car’s clock, saving $128.08 over what the dealer would have charged.  Glad to help!
  • I’ve seen three roadkill deer this week.  I’m not familiar with the ins and outs of hunting season, but perhaps limits should rise this year.
  • Happy 67th birthday to R. Lee Ermey!  Ya jackwagon!
  • I was recently disappointed to learn that Mazda hasn’t carried the “swing” feature forward into the Mazda 6.  For many years, the Mazda 626 would slowly turn the center HVAC vents back and forth, when the “swing” button was activated.  I remember this all the way back to a high school girlfriend’s mother’s 626 Turbo, which must have been an ’86 or so.  Signature features in high-volume products are rare, and it’s a shame to see one jettisoned to (doubtlessly) save a few bucks.
  • The Robby Jordan Band plays this Saturday night at Hog Wild on the Parkway!  Hope to see you there.  Robby’s band totally smokes.
  • Spring practice started this week.  It’s hard to look at the roster and not be excited.  Roll Tide!
  • I got behind, then snowed under on my daily Bible reading.  I’m climbing back, trying to be more methodical than hurried.

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