Mar 252011

Can President Obama surprise me anymore?

I think authenticated video of him in the bed of a 4×4 wearing a nasty old Skynyrd shirt and shotgunning a Natty Light might do it.

I read a column or two between the 2008 election and Obama’s inauguration that scolded “yeah, Obama’s about to get a trial by fire in being an executive.  Can’t vote ‘present’ anymore!”

Wanna bet?

Would you have thought it possible to do so in committing American soldiers to a civil war in Libya?  Can you explain his policy to me?  Do you realize that for any Obama quote you offer attempting to do so, that I can offer a contradictory one?

Have you added “kinetic military action” to your vocabulary?  That’s so Obama doesn’t have to say “war,” see.

By the way, this is not tortured incoherence.  This is nuance.

George Weigel wrote a provocative column this afternoon that attempts to explain the philosophical universe in which Obama’s (lack of) approach makes sense.  He correctly names complete intolerance of the idea of American exceptionalism as a key factor.

Like I say, I’m not surprised anymore.  I’m just exasperated, and continuing to hope we survive Obama’s administration with a recoverable level of damage.

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  2 Responses to ““Present” foreign policy”

  1. Peggy Noonan also had an excellent column on this today. She asks a lot of good questions that no one in the administration seems willing to answer right now.

  2. I like Peggy Noonan very much. I wish I could write like she does.

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