Mar 262011

So when I got back from purchasing tires for the Technical Writing Express this morning—ouch—Lea and the boys were snuggled up in our bed and enjoying goofy conversation.  What a perfect thing to be doing on a stormy Saturday morning, right?

The boys were telling silly, invented-on-the-spot jokes about Neil Armstrong going down the steps, slipping, and accidentally falling all the way off the moon.  So then I said “who was the second person on the moon?”

Aaron:  “Sally Ride!”

Bo:  “Not a bad guess.  Sally Ride was the first American woman in space, but she never went to the moon.  It was Edwin Aldrin.  Now, who was also on that mission, but never landed, instead remaining in orbit around the moon?”

Aaron:  “George Washington!”

Bo:  (goofy look)

Aaron:  “…Carver!”


There are lots of good names to know in my six-year-old’s head.  I’m glad we have a few years yet to sort them all out.

I hope you’re having a good weekend.

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Mar 252011

Can President Obama surprise me anymore?

I think authenticated video of him in the bed of a 4×4 wearing a nasty old Skynyrd shirt and shotgunning a Natty Light might do it.

I read a column or two between the 2008 election and Obama’s inauguration that scolded “yeah, Obama’s about to get a trial by fire in being an executive.  Can’t vote ‘present’ anymore!”

Wanna bet?

Would you have thought it possible to do so in committing American soldiers to a civil war in Libya?  Can you explain his policy to me?  Do you realize that for any Obama quote you offer attempting to do so, that I can offer a contradictory one?

Have you added “kinetic military action” to your vocabulary?  That’s so Obama doesn’t have to say “war,” see.

By the way, this is not tortured incoherence.  This is nuance.

George Weigel wrote a provocative column this afternoon that attempts to explain the philosophical universe in which Obama’s (lack of) approach makes sense.  He correctly names complete intolerance of the idea of American exceptionalism as a key factor.

Like I say, I’m not surprised anymore.  I’m just exasperated, and continuing to hope we survive Obama’s administration with a recoverable level of damage.

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Mar 242011
  • Elizabeth Taylor, for many a legitimate contender for most beautiful woman in the world, has died at 79.  RIP.
  • Pat emailed me the day before yesterday to tell me that s/he had successfully replaced the light bulb in his/her car’s clock, saving $128.08 over what the dealer would have charged.  Glad to help!
  • I’ve seen three roadkill deer this week.  I’m not familiar with the ins and outs of hunting season, but perhaps limits should rise this year.
  • Happy 67th birthday to R. Lee Ermey!  Ya jackwagon!
  • I was recently disappointed to learn that Mazda hasn’t carried the “swing” feature forward into the Mazda 6.  For many years, the Mazda 626 would slowly turn the center HVAC vents back and forth, when the “swing” button was activated.  I remember this all the way back to a high school girlfriend’s mother’s 626 Turbo, which must have been an ’86 or so.  Signature features in high-volume products are rare, and it’s a shame to see one jettisoned to (doubtlessly) save a few bucks.
  • The Robby Jordan Band plays this Saturday night at Hog Wild on the Parkway!  Hope to see you there.  Robby’s band totally smokes.
  • Spring practice started this week.  It’s hard to look at the roster and not be excited.  Roll Tide!
  • I got behind, then snowed under on my daily Bible reading.  I’m climbing back, trying to be more methodical than hurried.
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Mar 232011

So I told you about Christians Gone Bad.  Well, our pastor had a bit to say about Christianity and homosexuality last Sunday.  That I can recall, it’s the first time he’s done so in the nearly four years we’ve attended Good Shepherd.  I do believe it’s one of my favorite messages ever, embodying what I love most about our church—a genuine, sincere, and practiced emphasis on love and service, at the expense of divisive (and frankly, ultimately irrelevant) issues.

I have no moral and/or religious dilemma about homosexuality.  I am at peace with my belief that God does not look unfavorably upon gay people for their gayness, and have been for decades.  I simply can’t resolve such a characteristic with who I know Jesus to be.

David hit that in terms of highlighting the words and deeds of Jesus, but he went further.  Know how many times Jesus denounced those outside the church?  Zero.  Know how many times the Bible directs Christians to denounce those outside the church?  Zero.  Is homosexuality sinful?  Not our call, boys and girls.  But, if we are conflicted about it, we should “err” on the side of inclusion and love.

(I’ll add this myself:  know how many times Jesus mentioned homosexuality?  Zero.)

Christians in general have earned a widespread perception (to the tune of 91%) that we are anti-gay.  We can talk about extremists’ and/or vocal minorities’ roles in generating that, and maybe even get a modicum of traction with such a claim.

However, the bottom line is that if we did a better job emulating Christ, that never would have happened.

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Mar 212011

Whew.  That was close.

Just in time for Sunday’s season opener, Tony Kanaan has found a seat with KV Racing.  He’ll be #82, as a tribute to 1965 Indianapolis 500 winner Jim Clark.

Kanaan is a marvelous competitor and a true gentleman—a delight to watch, both on the track and off.  The boys and I like him very much, and are pleased to have him to cheer for this season.

If IndyCar is ever truly going to find its legs again, it’s got to hang onto folks like TK.  After a harrowing off-season, I’m so glad it worked out for him.  Good luck, sir!

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