Feb 282011

No injuries were reported in yesterday’s accident.

And where’s a tuna truck when you need one?

Now it’s difficult for me to fathom that 40,000 lbs. of mayonnaise could spill without anyone thinking to grab a camera, but that’s a reasonable conclusion so far, as I haven’t seen photo one of this.  If you have, let me know.

Seems a photo could offer some clarity, too.  I mean, was the mayonnaise packaged for retail?  How perfect would the wreck have had to be for so many jars to break?  Too perfect, I think.  So maybe it wasn’t packaged.  But then, what would be the point of moving so much bulk mayonnaise?  Are we talking about a tanker truck?  Wouldn’t you think mayonnaise would be put into containers at the place of manufacture?

Do you think gasoline tanker drivers make fun of mayonnaise tanker drivers?

Mayonnaise is hilarious.  Mayonnaise, mayonnaise, mayonnaise.  Mayonnaise.

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  5 Responses to “Tractor trailer crashes, spills 20 tons of mayonnaise on Missouri interstate”

  1. Yuckie, yuck, yuck. They threw that mayonnaise on the GROUND! I don’t need your mayonnaise handouts. 🙂

  2. Denise found a video here. Thanks, Denise!

    So, largish bags, perhaps headed for commercial use, but not a massively huge single spill. (Drat.) 🙂

  3. Unfortunately a song has already been written about odd tractor trailer spills, so it probably won’t get immortalized that way, either.

    “It was then he lost his head… not to mention an arm or two before he stopped.”

  4. I cannot even imagine the smell you would end up with if you got that on your car. Many years ago a friend of my boyfriend had the misfortune of driving behind a truck carrying the “refuse” from a slaughterhouse when the truck tipped over. He drove right through it, searing the contents to the engine on his two week old truck. I don’t think that smell ever went away. The mayo accident didn’t look anything like what I imagined. I was picturing rivers of mayonnaise pouring out of a tanker truck. Mmmmm, mayonnaise! Ahem.

  5. Mirth, yes, it was a little disappointing, wasn’t it? Oh, well.

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