Feb 242011
  • I did a 10-oz. New York strip last night for 45 seconds a side, and it was positively divine.  A little piece of it was Nathan’s first bite of rare steak.  Said he liked it, though I think it confused him a bit that it wasn’t hot.
  • I have audio cassettes I haven’t played in 20 years.  I wonder if they still work?
  • Both boys have decided against spring soccer this year.  We’re fine with that, but we’re going to get a lot more hiking done this spring than in years past.
  • The alleged Toomer’s Corner tree murderer is on his fourth attorney.  How far for a fair trial?  Iowa?  Bangladesh?  Neptune?
  • I bought this amazingly bright LED flashlight that runs on a single AAA and has a cool anodized case and fits perfectly in a jeans watch pocket about three years ago, and I’ve misplaced it.  Bugs the hell out of me.  I never lose stuff.  I wish I had it back.  I’ve held out hope for months that I’d find it.  Think I’m going to have to relent and replace it.
  • Restrictor plates are enabling nonsense like that bizarre two-by-two Daytona 500 to which we were just subjected (not to mention regular half-the-field wrecks).  Let’s just get rid of them.  If we’re fine with 230 mph in IndyCar, what’s the problem in NASCAR?
  • In a little less than two months, my mother will have been dead for ten years.  In a little less than three months, I’ll be as old as my father was when he remarried after my parents’ divorce.  Age, time, and so forth don’t ever really hit me until I introduce that sort of relativity into my thinking.

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  2 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #126”

  1. 4th defender, huh? Shows you how awful this case is, if people who defend thieves, batterers and druggies for a living can’t tolerate being on his case for more than a day.

    If you promise St. Anthony a gift for the poor, he will find your flashlight for you. The suitable price will be determined by Tony.

  2. And #4 is doing it pro-bono from the report I heard.

    Re: the parents…As I approached the age my mama was when she died (early, early 40s), I grew more and more paranoid about my own health. I’ve managed to get over that a little over the last couple of years, but it’s still really difficult sometimes. Y’know? I don’t even want to think about how I’ll feel when I get closer to my daddy’s age when he passed. This time of year, I miss them dearly.

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