Feb 232011
  • I know it’s a cliché, but sheesh, I really can’t believe how many people are on the phone.  Look, I can do it, so I do, but clearly many of you can’t, and moreover, how desperately do you think someone needs you right then?  When I say “I can do it, so I do,” I mean I’m on the phone maybe one commute in five, okay?
  • A state trooper just cited a colleague for 82 in a 70 on 565.  The one who stopped her was in a marked Crown Vic, but there are at least two insidious unmarked units out there:  a taupe/gray Tahoe and a black F-150 crew cab.  I saw the F-150 officer, and he was in jeans, T-shirt, and ball cap.  So he was unmarked too.  Be careful out there.  I think you skate at 79.
  • I think Madison must have a loose cannon civil engineer with too much budget.  These almost-hemispherical pavement markers with embedded reflectors—they’re not Botts dots or cat’s eyes or the regular square kind, and I looked for a bit, but couldn’t find the exact name—are popping up all over the place.  They’re just protrusive enough to make their intent to dissuade unambiguous.  You’re not supposed to drive over them.
  • S/he likes the three-foot-high white posts, too.  You’re definitely not supposed to drive over those.
  • They finally put up a RIGHT LANE TURN WITHOUT STOPPING sign for drivers turning from Madison Boulevard west to County Line north.  There’s a big mess of those pavement markers and posts, too.  The stoppers stop no more.
  • This old gripe remains in effect.  I’m not helping you with your mega-complicated left turn across multiple lanes of traffic at rush hour, jackass.  Turn right and turn around.

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