Feb 272011

You’ll jinx it if you do.

My sister-in-law lives in a subdivision outside Pulaski, but is fortunate enough to own a little bit of land behind her.  We drove up and spent some time exploring and looking for fossils today.

There’s a storybook babbling brook, right at the edge of her woods.

The boys reload the squirrel feeder.

Loved this shelf fungus.

This is built around a spring.  How cool is that?

I hope you did something similarly enjoyable with your day.

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  One Response to “A walk in the woods, but don’t call it spring yet”

  1. Well yesterday, I spent a glorious afternoon watching the boy play ball while the husband spent it watching the girl play soccer. Then, today I painted trim for girls bedroom, went to evening mass, and we dined out. The air outside is just wunnerful. I’d sit on the deck all night if I could.

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