Jan 092011

Now this is one of my favorite kinds of times ’round these parts.

My cozy abode in northern Alabama is about to get slammed with a winter storm.  I’ve mentioned before that this far south, winter precipitation doesn’t have to be very heavy at all to have a debilitating effect on the community.  See, our winter precipitation is neither frequent nor reliable, and when it does happen it never lasts long enough to have a crippling economic effect, so no local governments purchase any significant snow equipment down here.  We have a salt/sand truck or two, but no plows, so it doesn’t take much to shut the town down.

So, what you do is you make sure you’re fooded and drinked up, and you stay inside and wait for the roads and businesses to close.  We’re having simmered-all-afternoon spaghetti with homemade rosemary bread for dinner, and I’d guess there are ample movies and video games in our immediate futures.  The only unpleasant thing I had to do today was get gas for the generator.

With a little luck, they’ll even close school and work tonight, and if that happens we won’t even have to set alarm clocks tomorrow.  We had the poetry of a white Christmas already this winter, and this latest event is occurring at the perfect time in the week—on Sunday night, screwing Monday morning travel up and extending the weekend.  I’ll take it!  Hope my local readers are also pleasantly hunkered down!

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  9 Responses to “The perfect (Alabama, winter) storm”

  1. We have a big pot of yummy gumbo, our schools have issued the closings, and MY county does have a snow plow. Only it takes about a week to get everywhere so, that makes it fairly useless if your home is not right on a major artery. Did I ever tell you about that time that snowplow buried my car? During the 1993 storm… So freaking embarrassing that was.

  2. Oh, so your hoity-toity urban county has a snowplow, and my podunk rural county does not. I see how it is. ‘Seester. Heh. 🙂

    The larger point was that in our area of the country, there is no expectation of life going on with significant winter precipitation, like there is anywhere north of Nashville or so. (And actually I didn’t know there was a plow over there.)

    Still haven’t closed our schools as I type, but I’m not worried. It’ll happen. The boys will be crushed. They do so thirst for knowledge.

    The smell of spaghetti sauce and rosemary here is incredible.

  3. Sounds yummy. Comfort food for a wintry night. Bring on the snow!

    Just not the ice… :-/

  4. Y’all be careful down there. Oh, and wear out the damn storm so I can get to work on Tuesday, please. I could use the class money.

  5. ooooh, we’re gettin’ it like a ten-dollar whore.

    It’s snowing too. Ha, ha! I kill myself.

  6. Haha- I’m watching the weather channel, now (10:00pm). They have a scroll running at the bottom saying there’s traffic jams at gas stations. Are there really that many people who waited unitil now to go out?

    And jeez, did you see the live feeds of the traffic jam on the Atlanta interstate?

  7. Nice. Arsenal clung to liberal leave until the bitter end. Now that we can’t see roads, we’re in good shape. This is pretty epic stuff. On top of the White Xmas and if AU loses tonight, I won’t complain for like 3 months.

  8. It’s hard to see it being any better tomorrow morning, given the forecast. Even if the precipitation is over, the temperature and lack of sun will keep it all around, right?

  9. The timing of this storm is perfect. I was supposed to have an early meeting two hours away tomorrow and was going to be unable to watch the whole game. With 7 inches and counting, I’m sleeping in! 🙂

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