Dec 302010
  • “Kill the bastards!” Nathan exclaimed, playing video games yesterday.  Oops.  It was so earnestly and innocently delivered, it was hard not to laugh, and I did.  We had a little talk about it, and he understands that’s not a word to say.  (I’m still counting my blessings.  I was two years younger than he is now when I learned “fuck.”)
  • Lost the last little bit of snow and ice off the deck just yesterday afternoon.  Loved the poetic White Christmas walloping!
  • Wow, has this decompression been great.  We’re going to the movies in a bit.  Guess I’ll shave my neck.
  • No resolutions for me this year, other than to keep doing what I know I need to do.
  • Nathan, Aaron, and I have enjoyed The Price Is Right this week.  Drew Carey’s doing a fine job with it.  The boys are the right ages for the necessary math skills, and the trips have given us a little geography as well.
  • Speaking of, I wish I could find some YouTube proof of this, but I don’t think it’s there.  I swear I remember an episode of The Joker’s Wild on which the bonus prize was a trip to Iran, and it was while the American hostages were being held.  Anyone else ever see that?
  • I’m glad Ralph Friedgen is going out a winner, and a pox on Maryland football for forcing him out.
  • Been on the ground here at WmWms most every day for more than four years, and I’m about to touch my sixth calendar year.  Wow!  Thanks for reading, ladies and gentlemen.

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