Dec 132010

Yeah, so, this roused the SEC bigot in me.  Whether that’s a strength or a liability is a matter of perspective, I suppose.

The Big Ten conference appears, in all seriousness, to have named its two new divisions Leaders and Legends.

(I suggested Fuzzy Bunnies and Rose Petals—nice tie-in with the Rose Bowl, don’t you think?—but apparently they can’t listen to reason up there.  Alternately, I think Shirts and Skins might have done a lot for women’s basketball attendance, but never mind.)

Anyway, this is just a tad precious, don’t you think?  If, as Stewart Mandel says, conference strength really is cyclical, how’s it going to play in some future year, when the Big Ten is as down as the Big East is today, to have divisions named Leaders and Legends?

Can a “leader” or a “legend” be headed to a bowl at 6-6 to get pounded by a third-tier SEC team?

I’m glad my conference’s divisions have normal names.

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  4 Responses to “Leaders and Legends”

  1. Are they 5 year olds? Because that would make sense, then.

  2. I liked “Irrelevant” and “Overrated” as their division names. It makes more sense. The Big 10 tOSU fan who sits next to me at work says the approval rating is at about 3% from their fan base. The rest of us are to busy laughing.

  3. Saintseester, LOL! Who has to go potty before we run out of the tunnel?

    BB_FAN, they’ve really hung themselves. It’s ridiculous almost beyond words now. If they back up, though…hoo, boy…

  4. that’s what happens when you pass omnibus bills without reading them…

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