Nov 042010
  • Looks like we’ll be turning the heat on tomorrow.
  • I had lunch with one of my favorite high school teachers yesterday.  She is even more charming, witty, and insightful than I remember, and she looks like she’s aged about six months in the 22 years since I’ve seen her.  What a delight our visit was!
  • Most of us have stayed up all night at one time or another, whether working or playing.  My personal record, which I expect to stand forever, is 74 consecutive waking hoursLos Angeles photographer Tyler Shields just did 968.
  • Alabama appears to have received all the external help it needed to get back to the BCS title game.  Now, of course, it has to win.  LSU is next.  BamaDan and Charles are coming over.  What goes with corn dogs?
  • Daylight Saving Time itself is obnoxious enough, but I really hate the super-duper extended version.  For it to be dark at 6:30 in the morning at this latitude is absurd.  We should have fallen back weeks ago.
  • The Xbox 360 Kinect releases today.  It appears that I successfully ordered one online, so it should be here soon.  Nathan’s getting it for his birthday later this month.
  • I’m with my blogging buddy Scott Roberts on wishing the bacon fad would get itself over with already.  It’s not even close, it would seem.  Enjoy a refreshing bacon soft drink.

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  8 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #111”

  1. I just suggested candied bacon as a Thanksgiving dessert when my sister was looking for ideas.

  2. Beer.
    Beer goes with corndogs.

  3. I’m bringing a miniature white baseball cap to perch on my corndog. I’ll try to warm it up in the microwave, but with mere seconds to go it will inexplicably have the refrigerator fill the microwave with ice, undoing all of the corndog’s hard work.

    I’ll then drink beer and scream “JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULIO!!!!!” just like Lord Saban commanded.

    Ummm, Cam Newton plays against Chattanooga or not? Might be a good time to get Barrett Trotter ready should this NCAA investigation have any legs. I say if you don’t see Cam against lowly Chatty, The Chiz knows there’s heat on the Plains.

  4. ‘seester, I like it with the leftover maple syrup on the pancake plate, so that’s probably all right.

    Marianne, indeed! We’re going to wrap the corn dogs in bacon, then batter and deep-fry them, then roll them in powdered sugar and serve them with coconut oil for dipping. So the beer will work nicely. Eh, I think I might vomit.

    BamaDan, “jus’ notha day in the SEC!”

    The Cam Newton situation smells manufactured to me.

  5. What goes with corndogs???? Why, the adult beverage of your choice. Easy.

  6. What goes with corndogs? Why crawfish pie, of course. Then you can leave the corndogs in the freezer.

  7. Beer. Ditto Marianne.

    The heat on? This early? Shoot. It’s 55 in my family room, and that means it’s just gotten comfortable. Dang, y’all.

    Heat. *snort*

  8. Kemtee, I’m good down to about 60. The rest of the crew starts balking at 65 or so.

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