Oct 272010

Know who’s hilarious?  Liberals out of power, that’s who.

They’re already coming apart.  Enjoy the fun, this week and (especially) next week, here:

  • The Nation.  Actually subscribed to the paper magazine once, and let me tell you, that gets some crazy crap coming in the junk mail.  Anyway, I really love this one for the “everything is fine” tone to so many of its articles.  I think the mantra at staff meetings must be Whatever You Do, Don’t Betray Our Panic.  You name something that happens in the world, and no matter what it is, they’ll tell you how it’s good for the left.  Just part of the master plan.  Move along.
  • National Review Online.  What’s the most arch-conservative site (cue The Imperial March) online doing on this list?  Simple—they’re good about posting links to the crazy stuff they find.  Check The Corner, in particular.
  • Reddit.com.  Hey, isn’t that a “news aggregation” site?  Indeed it is—but one with a lot of prolific hard-left contributors.  There tends to be at least one such meltdown in progress on every page.  Have a good time.
  • Bob Crispen’s blog used to be frequently enjoyable, but it isn’t much more now than a rebroadcast of his tweets, which tend to have one of three themes:  1) conservatives are filled with racist hate; 2) religion sucks; or 3) the South, and particularly Alabama, is a terrible place, largely because of 1) and 2).  (One wonders why he stays, but never mind.)  His page only makes the list because he’s (painstakingly, I’m sure) assembled a tremendous blogroll of radical leftists.  Generally you can go grab one and reliably hit a liberal losing his/her mind.
  • “Mainstream media” outlets.  Take your pick.  A fairly reliable narrative shall be that the voters have thrown a temper tantrum.  See, when liberals do well in elections, it is the direct result of considered and reasoned thought.  But when conservatives do well in elections, it’s because they’re in a blind rage and they’ve pitched a fit.

Soon it will be time for Congress to begin the work of a generation.  We must hold our representatives’ feet to the fire, reminding them how they were elected and demanding that they do everything in their power to undo the damage the Obama regime has inflicted upon the republic.  There will be no time for extended gloating.

No harm in relishing the next ten or twelve days, though.  Enjoy.

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  6 Responses to “Monitoring the liberal meltdown”

  1. Don’t forget us “great unwashed” out here….

  2. I’m baking cookies.

  3. Amen, brother. Amen.

  4. Did someone say cookie? I hold as an axiom there is absolutely no valid reason why a cookie should ever be allowed to get cold. Back on topic. This election season has really cracked me up. It seems, at least to liberals:

    If you agree with me, you are thoughtful, considerate, and open minded. If you disagree with me, you are racist, bigoted, close minded, and obviously of low intelligence.

    The concept of me working with you means you do what I want. The concept of you working with me means you do what I want.

    Republicans throw mud where as liberals are keeping the population informed with valuable information concerning their opponent.

  5. You can’t have any cookies because you criticized my grocery shopping.

  6. Newt says Obama has six months to pull a Clinton pivot.

    I’m somewhat afraid of the Clinton pivot, but I wonder whether I should be. After all, doesn’t it seem a safe bet that Obama’s massive ego would never allow him to backtrack on anything? I mean, he said it to start with, right? And he is The One we’ve been waiting for.

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