Sep 272010
  • Folks with pre-season doubts about Alabama’s defense were right.  It’s hardly all bad, but clearly there’s still a lot of growing up to do in the secondary.  Young and inexperienced special teams players have been more solid than not, and for that I’m thankful.
  • Mark Ingram’s first touchdown Saturday was one of the prettiest runs I can remember seeing.  Glad to get out of Fayetteville with a W.
  • I’m interested to see what Auburn does with the Ryan Mallett attack.  Have to wait until October 16.
  • All right, Boise State beat Oregon State.  Now let’s everyone not talk about them again until they get to a BCS bowl game they’d rather not be in and beat an opponent who would probably rather not be there either.
  • I can’t remember the SEC East ever being such an unpredictable mess.  Conditions to dethrone Florida might be as favorable this year as they’re ever going to be, but does anyone want it?
  • Not Georgia.  I thought Mark Richt would be fine this year, but now that the Bulldogs are eliminated from the SEC race in September, I’m not so sure.
  • Ditto the Big 12 South.  Almost anyone’s title there too.
  • Charles, my long-suffering ACC apologist friend, I try every week to look for the bright spots in your conference, but I think it might be harder this year than it’s ever been.
  • Congratulations to #25 Nevada, who is ranked for the first time since 1948!

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  6 Responses to “Football stuff I know this week”

  1. Yeah, but the defense took direction well and got much better. Dre is small and lacking the brute strength Arenas had, but closes so well. Front had decent push in 2nd half. And McElroy in his worst start, is still worth 21 off the bus. There are flaws, but there is no team that wants to play us and only a few can stay with us physically.

    Nevada hosts Boise St. Later in the year. Think Gameday will be live from Reno? That’d be Va Tech, Oregon St., Fresno St., and Nevada…not too shabby really. If they ever have a chance of getting in the title game, this is the perfect storm.

  2. Props for halftime adjustments, no doubt. And of course there is the whole ball control offense thing, which apparently we can do at will. (See the fourth quarter of the 2009 SEC title game for the most memorable and brutal recent example.)

    How can Boise St. beat out the champions of the SEC, Big 12, Pac 10, and Big Ten in the BCS? Don’t forget, the explicit strength of schedule component is gone, but it’s still integral to the computer rankings. Also, it’s tough for me to see human voters keeping the Blue Ones at #3 as teams from AQ conferences start closing on double-digit wins.

    I have them BCS at-large, beating someone who’s disappointed to be there. Deja vu all over again.

    But I could be wrong. We’ll see! The best part is that they have to play the games. 🙂

  3. You are so right about the SEC east. I hadn’t given it much thought until I realized that only one team can win the west while potentially 2 other very good teams get to watch them play some sucker from the east side in the championship game. That’s the way it goes sometimes.

  4. All I know is that there are seasons that I’m glad I went to a Div. II school….

  5. Poor Georgia. Poor Tennessee. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

    The ACC mantra has become, ‘Thank God for the Big East.’ Having said that, I do think there are signs that the conference is making forward progress. Miami and Fl. State are improving (not there yet), and UNC woulda shoulda coulda…. That’s another HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! if you live in ACC country. Tom O’Brian is bringing a discipline to NC State they haven’t had in years and years and they’re playing good football right now. Ga. Tech just needs some semblance of D. It’s grim and hard to swallow, though.

    Do give the conference credit for going on the road to play really tough OOC games. I don’t see evidence that anyone else does that (Duke doesn’t count). Even next year Auburn isn’t coming to Clemson – they’re meeting in Atlanta on a neutral field.

  6. Looks like Cheryl beat me to the punch. The ACC isn’t the SEC. I never have argued that, but, as always, the SEC relies on the top to carry it’s torch. The top has carried it very well. That being said, I never have bought into the idea that there are 10 Top 25 teams in the SEC year to year. GT alone has beaten too many to disprove that. The SEC often has 2-3 top 15 teams and probably 7-8 that are in the Top 40. Pretty damn good numbers. The ACC probably has 1-2 Top 15 teams and 7-8 in the Top 45. I have argued all along that if Miami and FSU aren’t at the top, the media (AP voters) doesn’t know what to do with the ACC. FSU has a first year coach, FIRST YEAR. Did we really think Jimbo was gonna pull off something special? Miami went on the road and lost a game that they weren’t, and shouldn’t have been, favored. If Auburn is a Top 10 team, then where is Clemson? GT is converting to a whole new defensive scheme. I hoped it would go better, but not suprised that it hasn’t. UNC played with half a team and fell victim to the Les Miles magic 8-ball. I realize that come Sunday a loss is a loss though. Yeah, yeah, VT lost to James Madison. It was a crappy loss, but they call them “trap games” for a reason. Pretty much, these days, my 22 can play with your 22 for a while and if you turn it over a couple times it levels the playing field. It’s substitutions that wear the inferior team down. Ask Tennessee and Ole Miss what can happen on any given Saturday. Alabama has the best football team in the country, but they still needed a couple of gifts from Mallett. Richt is going to lose his job because he can’t keep his players out of jail. If the bright spot in the ACC turns out to be NC State, then so be it.

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