Sep 262010

(Kitzhaber has been governor of Oregon, and is running again.)

Wow, those Democrat activists don’t kid around.  I’m so glad to see a no-nonsense approach to keeping order at these “open to the public” meetings.  It’s far overdue, don’t you think?  Assault and battery?  Pish-tosh.

Remember, though, it’s those fringe lunatics in the Tea Party movement who are so enamored of violence at their events.

Now, suppose this was a Republican candidate’s event, and three people affiliated with Republican activist groups behaved this way toward an event attendee.  Do you think there would be a difference in the level of media coverage?

How many news cycles would it lead (or at least be prominently featured in)?  How much nonsensical hand-wringing from sociologist types would we have to endure about the right wing harboring a propensity for this behavior?

Democrat?  No problem.  Move along.

And turn that damned camera off before I pop you in the face with it.

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  One Response to “Citizen assaulted for filming John Kitzhaber campaign event”

  1. Oh please. Never happened. Nothing to see here. Democrats care more than you do. They CARE, damnit.

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