Jun 282010

Demonstrating adequate reading comprehension skills, five Supreme Court justices today ruled that the Chicago handgun ban is unconstitutional.

Here’s to a blow against the alarmingly successful radicalization of firearms.  (Suit me just fine to return to a day in which a fellow carrying a pistol would be no more unusual than him carrying a handkerchief.)

Enjoy today, but don’t rest.  They aren’t.

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  5 Responses to “The Second Amendment survives”

  1. Now if they’d only make a nationwide CCW license…

  2. No direct comment on the 2nd Amendment issue, you know I’m all for the right to keep and…

    I just wanted to tell you, the new look is cool enough that I might steal it.


  3. Yeah, outlawing owning a handgun in your home after you prove you are a law-abiding citezen with no mental defects is probably pretty unconstitutional. And out of such a stalwart, law-abiding city like Chicago with its fine history of gangsters, corruption, and government meddling.

    No surprise to see JP Stevens get a final shot in on the way out. Stupid, old man.

  4. Carey, thanks, and glad you like it. I was going for some tweaks this weekend and wound up really screwing things up, but the ending was eventually happy. The theme is Suffusion, and it’s very highly customizable (with a UI, as opposed to wading through PHP), and it’s what I should have been using all along.

  5. Annnnnnnnnnd Daley gives the blog ammunition for round two. What a moron. Is there something in the water in Chicago?

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