Jun 292010

Congressman Pete Stark had that to say at a town hall meeting this past Saturday.  Clearly, he hasn’t heard about the 3,500 acres in southern Arizona we essentially ceded to Mexico four years ago because it’s too violent.  I’m also guessing he missed Robert Krentz’s funeral.

He didn’t stop there.  His sustained ridicule of his questioners is something to behold, as well.  Folks, watch this:

It’s bad enough when a representative can’t be bothered, as Stark clearly can’t.  But to repeatedly and severely antagonize his constituents like this?  Is that what it’s come to?  Ladies and gentlemen, that video’s not a joke.  That is a representative of the American people in a service occupation, arrogantly and insolently dismissing the concerns of those for whom he ostensibly works.

Who’s got the hot blue-state Daily Kossified spin on this?  Who thinks Pete Stark’s a swell guy, and these damned gun-totin’ God-fearin’ teabaggin’ bloggers are just out to get him, is all, and probably Halliburton too?  Speak up.

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  6 Responses to ““Our borders are quite secure, thank you.” Pete Stark (D-CA)”

  1. All well and good but can we talk about that uber-hot Russian spy chick that the FBI just snagged? She can sneak across the border any time. Stark probably thinks he inspired the Iron Man character also.

  2. I’d not ever heard of him before this video. Been poking around a bit on him. He’s essentially unbeatable, which is why he acts like that. What a sanctimonious prick.

    Yeah, Russian spy chick ain’t so bad.

  3. Wow. It amazes me that so many of these politicians are able to continue their reign when they so obviously can’t stand the very people they claim to represent. His condescending and sarcastic demeanor towards citizens asking valid questions is sickening. There needs to be a political cleansing in this country to rid us of those who would falsely claim to represent the people.

  4. Sure, the rest of the country knows he’s a turd. But this guy gets away with this holier-than-thou attitude because HE CAN. You and I can rant and rave and thank ourselves for electing decent reps for our own districts, but Stark knows that his own job is secure. His constituents are either too complacent or just plain too stupid to care. His voting record speaks to that.

  5. I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch this all the wat through yet, for fear of breaking my monitor. I heard some clips on Glenn Beck this morning and was fuming the rest of the day. When is this pompous ass up for re-election, and what are the chances he’ll get voted out?

  6. Falcon: according to Maggie’s Notebook, he’s a 37-year incumbent in the SF bay area. What do YOU think the chances are that he’ll be voted out? Sorry, buddy.

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