Jun 012010

I haven’t particularly strong feelings about anyone running in Alabama’s primaries today other than my friend Frances Taylor, and she’s not running in my district.  Sure would like to see her go to Montgomery, though.

Still, I voted on the way to work.  (I had to show a photo ID, which made me feel threatened and disenfranchised, particularly given that I had also passed a parked police cruiser less than a mile from the polling place.  But I got over it.)  I was the 34th Republican voter, and the 51st ballot into the machine, at my polling place.  I could have easily skipped it.  Had there been a line, it might have fallen all the way off my agenda today.

(Generally I make the effort, but I don’t feel like a civic failure if it doesn’t happen.  The right to vote is also the right not to vote, which is also a choice, is it not?)  Besides, the last primary I was really excited about was when I voted for Ron Paul in 2008, and see how well that turned out?

I hope your Monday-that’s-really-Tuesday is going well so far.

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