May 272010
  • What a wonderful, cooling, steady, relaxing rain last night.  I wish it did it like that almost all the time, with one or two rock ‘n’ roll thunderstorms per year, maybe.
  • It’s Obama’s Katrina, folks.  No way around it.  Our president sucks at almost everything.
  • I’m glad Korea’s blowing up on his watch, aren’t you?  Aren’t you filled with confidence?
  • The boys are down to about three hours left in the 2009-2010 school year as I type.  Remember that euphoria?  Is that one of the very best things that happens to you as a child?  I think it is.
  • A Facebook friend recently reminded me that country line-dancing lurked in my past.  (Must have been 1993?)  She says she remembers me doing the Cotton Eye Joe, and given my condition the evening we were out together, I shall not quibble with her account.  I do remember actually going to a free lesson to learn the Urban Cowboy.
  • A monstrous race day looms!  Indianapolis weather for Sunday still looks golden.  A little doubt is creeping into Charlotte.  However, given that we’ll be hanging with the BamaDans, I’m confident that even two rainouts would still produce a high-quality afternoon.
  • I loved Sex and the City on HBO, then was a bit blindsided by just how mediocre the film was.  I’ve had serious doubts about the sequel.  Maybe it’ll rate a Netflix?  Roger Ebert sure loved it (cough).

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  14 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #89”

  1. Sex in the City? Dude? Seriously. What the what?

    Please watch The Wire and The Shield so we can talk again as friends.

    Looking forward to Sunday big time. Maybe we can break out the Gilmore Girls for you if the races get rained out.

  2. Re: 2 & 3. I made the exact same comment to a co-worker this morning. Everything he touches turns to s***.

  3. Hey man, the first three seasons were great television. It started steadily losing its way after that.

    Or how about “there were lots of boobies”? Is that better? 😉

  4. Jenny, I’ll give him credit for his ongoing Predator offensives, and presidential authorization for sniper shots to Somali pirates’ heads went down well with me too. Other than that, it’s just what you said.

    I’m delighted that he’s attending Senatress Barbara “ma’am” Boxer fundraisers.

  5. Dude. My brother’s in the army. I don’t honestly want Korea to blow up right now. I’ve got enough to worry about.

    And speaking from the double-X perspective, I never understood the allure of Sex and the City. Ain’t nobody buying Manolos on a newspaper columnist’s salary.

  6. Kemtee, God bless your brother, and I pray for his safe return.

    I don’t want Korea to ever blow up. My preference would be for North Korea to roll over and show its belly for a scritch.

    What I’m saying is, the Norks torpedoed a South Korean vessel. Who’s happy that happened on Obama’s watch?

  7. I loved SATC on HBO as well. First movie, so-so. Haven’t seen the 2nd one. Probably wait for cable.

    Did you see the clip of Chris Dodd blaming the “Oil Crisis in the Gulf” on GWB? It was priceless and only a matter of time. What is the statute of limitations on when these SOBs can quit blaming everything on W? I also saw a political cartoon that implicated Dick effing Cheney! Why? Because he used to work for Haliburton. Christ. Give it a REST!!!!

  8. Terri, you mean a guy who’s never run anything in his whole damned life can’t run the United States of America? Now, who’d have ever thought that?

  9. SATC2 may very well be the most shallow movie I have ever in my life seen. I know, I know, what was I expecting? But really, except for two sex scenes, the entire script was a plot for a Scoobie Doo episode. SERIOUSLY, at one point when the girls (and I use this term loosely because Kim Cattrell??? Needs to stop) are being pursued by an angry mob of Arabic men, a couple of burka-clad women motion them into a back alley where they give them robes to sneak past the mob. I really expected Scoob to poke his head out of one of the baskets in the market as the sneaking away scrabble ensued (they lose Charlotte & have to try to find her by looking at feet hoping to recognize her shoes.)

  10. LOL Marianne! They’d have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids!

    It’s a shame. It was great television that only ever devolved to good at the end. Now it’s definitely something else. Are there action figures yet?

  11. Oooo, Bo…you know what you need to watch? Deadwood. Nancy turned me on to it and it is FABULOUS! HBO at it’s finest, though the language is beyond vile. There were only 3 seasons made…we’re in season three now and I don’t know what we’re going to do when it’s over. Also, this should redeem you in the eyes of BamaDan because it is a very, very manly series.

  12. Loved the 1st season of “Deadwood”. Two, not quite so much. Season three was just a notch above tolerable. “Breaking Bad” appears to be on the same trajectory.

    *Can proudly claim to have never watch a single complete episode of SATC.

  13. Know this: “Mad Men.” That is all.

    Although “Deadwood” gets some props too.

  14. Thanks for all these great recs, folks. I did finally step up and watch The Office, so anything’s possible.

    Great time yesterday, BamaDan. See you all again soon!

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